Act to Repay Governor Charles Craven

An ACT for raising Corn to Satisfy the Debt due from this Government to the Honorable Charles Craven Esqr. Governor of South Carolina. And for the Subsistance of Such Forces as Shall be raised for the necessary Defence of the Frontiers of this Government.

Whereas the Honorable Charles Craven Esqr. Governor of South Carolina out of his good Intention to Serve this Government did furnish this Government in it's Extremity with Several Parcells of Arms and Ammunition, which has not Yet been paid for Wherefore for providing Corn to satisfy the Debt due to Governor Craven And for making provision for the Subsistance of such Forces as may be necessary for the Defence of the Frontiers of this Government Be it Enacted by his Excellency the palatin and the Rest of the true and absolute Lords proprietors of the province of Carolina by and with the Advice and Consent of the Rest of the Members of the Generall Assembly now mett at Little River for the No. East part of the Said province.

And it is hereby Enacted That a poll Tax of One Bushell of Corn per pole be levyed and raised upon every Tythable person in this Government And that out of the Corn which Shall be raised in the precinct of perquimins Pasquotank and Currituck Seven Hundred and twenty Bushells thereof to be Shipp'd by Colonell Moseley for South Carolina by the first Opportunity and delivered to the Said Governor Craven or his Assigns. And in Case the Severall Quotas of Corn to be raised in the precincts aforesaid Should fall Short of making up the above mentioned Quantity of Corn design'd for Governor Craven as aforesaid the Residue to be made up and paid for the Uses aforesaid out of the Corn which Shall be raised in Chowan precinct.

And after payment made of the abovesaid Seven hundred and twenty Bushells of Corn in manner as aforesaid the Remaining part of the Corn to be raised throughout the Government to be and remain for the Use and Subsistance of our Forces raised and to be raised for the Necessary Defence of our Frontiers.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that every Tythable person or Master or Mistress of every Tythable person within this Government who Shall neglect to carry and deliver or Cause to be carried and delivered in the respective precinct where he She or they Shall reside to the Several persons hereafter in this Act appointed for that purpose the pole Tax of one Bushell of good Sound Shell'd Indian Corn on or before the 1st Day of February next ensuing Shall forfeit and pay the Sum of five Shillings for every Bushell So neglected to be carryed and payed to be recovered by a Warrant from the Judge of every respective precinct Court where any Such Default Shall be Committed directed to the provost Marshall or his Deputy who Shall make Distress for the Same, which Fines So Collected by Distress the Marshall Shall pay into the publick Treasury of each respective precinct where Such Fines shall become due And a true List of all Such Delinquents the Marshall Shall lay before the next ensuing Assembly, whereby the Assembly may be enabled to call the Treasurer in each respective precinct to Account for the aforesaid Fines, which Shall be appropriated towards defraying the publick Charges of the Government.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that where any of the persons hereafter in this Act mentioned and appointed for Receiving the Delivery of the Corn brought to him or them on or before the time by this Act appointed and at the place where the Same is to be lodged by the Inhabitants of each respective precinct and Shall refuse to receive the Same Shall forfeit and pay the Sum of five pounds One half to the Informer the other half towards defraying the publick Charge to be recovered in Manner as in this Act is already provided. And Such persons in each respective precinct or District for his or their Trouble in Receiving the Several Quotas of Corn and Securing and Delivering out the Same Shall be allowed the Sum of Six per Cent for So much Corn as shall be received and delivered by him or them to be paid out of the Corn; And the persons So receiving the Corn as aforesaid Shall return a true List thereof to the Treasurer in each respective precinct on or before the first Day of March next, true Copies of which Lists Shall be delivered to the Governor by each Treasurer by the tenth Day of the Said March next under penalty of forfeiting five pounds recoverable as aforesaid which Treasurer after Receit of Such Lists Shall compare the Same with the Lists of Tythables to discover the Delinquents, a List of which Delinquents the Treasurer Shall return to the respective Judge of each precinct within ten Days after Such Discovery Made which Judge or Judges shall immediately issue out his or their Warrant for Distress of the aforesaid Fines and Forfeitures in Manner as is already in this Act provided.

And whereas in the payment of the last pole Tax of One Bushel of Corn per pole divers people have not yet paid the Same nor the Fine due upon Such Default

Be it therefore Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that upon proof made against any Such person or persons not paying the the aforesaid Tax of one Bushell of Corn per pole; Such person or persons upon certain Information or proof made against him her or them Sahll pay this Year the Sum of five Shillings over and above the Bushell per pole by this Act appointed to be paid, to be recovered in Manner as is already in this Act provided.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid that the Several persons hereafter named in each respective precinct or District are hereby impowered authorized and required to receive and Secure the aforesaid Corn of the Inhabitants of each respective precinct when brought Shall be as followeth (Videlicet)

The House of Colonell Moseley for the Inhabitants of the North Shore from Drummon's point to the lower Side of the western Branch of Queen Ann's Creek inclusive; John White Senior for the remaining part of the North Shore. Capt. John Worley for Scoopernung and the South Shore to Morattock River. Wm. Duckenfield Esqr. for the upper Side of Morattock to the plantation of Collonel Maule above Booths including Kasiah and all other Branches. Edward Howard for the remaining Inhabitants of the So. West Shore including all the Inhabitants of Meherrin on both Sides of the River Weecanns and all other Branches. Pequimins from the Sound Side to James Morgans on pequimans at Collonel Hackefields and all the Inhabitants from the Sound Side up Little River including Coxes to Collonel Hacklefields. The Inhabitants from Morgans to Coxes including Vosses Creek at Francis Toms's. The Inhabitants from Vosses Creek to the utmost Bounds of the No. East Side of pequimins River at Francis Wallis's. The Inhabitants from the Hors pool to Castletons Creek at Gabriel Newby's. The Inhabitants from Castleton's Creek to the Sound Side including Yaupim at Thos. pierce's. The Inhabitants of pasquotanck from Flatty Creek to the Head of Little River at Mr. James Tooks's. The Inhabitants from the No. Side of Flatty Creek up the River including Jeacocks's at Mr. palin's. The Inhabitants from Jeacocks's to the Head of the River at Richd. Madrens. The Inhabitants on the No. East Side of the River from the Mouth of the Said River to Arronuse Creek at Mr. Miller's. From Arronuse Creek to the Head of the River at Jno. Solley's. The Inhabitants of Currituck from the West Side of Tulls Creek to the Head of the River at Thos. Millers. The Inhabitants from the East Side of Tull's Creek to Michll. Winters and including Timothy Joes on the Sand Banks and to Currituck Inlett at Humphery Vinces. The Inhabitants from Arricum parker's including John Jones's at Capt. Readings. The Inhabitants from Jones's to Richd. Ethridges including the Rest of the Sand Banks at Richd. Etheridge's. The Inhabitants of Hyde precinct for the wt. Side of Matchapungo River at Samll. Slade's. Beaufort precinct at Thos. Hardings. Craven precinct at Wm. Handcock's Senior and the Inhabitants of Core Sound at Joseph Fulford's. Who Shall produce Receits for each parcell of the Said Corn to the Assembly how and to whom delivered. And if it Shall So happen that after Such Disbursements to Governor Craven and Sufficient provision made for our own Frontiers any of the aforesaid Corn remain Still in the Hands of the persons aforesaid after the first of July next Such Corn to be Sold by the publick Treasurer of each respective precinct, who Shall upon Oath account for the Same to the next ensuing Assembly.


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