John Harvey

Acting Governor of Albemarle 1679 to 1680

Not much is recorded about this "temporary" Governor of Albemarle.
On 5 February 1679 the Lords Proprietors appointed John Harvey President of the Grand Council to act as governor of Albemarle County until the arrival of Seth Sothell, a proprietor who had been sent to be governor but was captured en route by Algerian pirates and was still their prisoner. The instructions given Harvey were much the same as those sent to previous governors.
John Harvey, whom the proprietors had appointed president of the council, and after him Jenkins and Wilkinson, who held appointment for brief terms as governors, were able meanwhile to carry on the government peacefully. From the spring 1672 departure of Governor Carteret until the arrival of the commission of president of the Grand Council for John Harvey in 1679, the Lords Proprietors were not in control of Albemarle County either in theory or in practice.
John Harvey was quietly installed as temporary governor until Seth Sothel, one of the Proprietors, should come to take up the reins of government himself.
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