Carolina Lords Proprietors

Joseph Blake, Jr.

Joseph Blake, Jr. (1700 - 1751) was the son of Joseph Blake and Elizabeth Axtell Turgis Blake, born after his father's death. He lived at Newington and became one of the wealthiest men in South Carolina.

Probably educated in England, after reaching maturity, he was appointed Justice of the Peace and elected to the Commons House of Assembly of South Carolina in 1733, representing St. Bartholomew's Parish. He was elected again in 1736, but declined to serve. He was also appointed to the Executive Council advising South Carolina governors for most of his adult life, and was Colonel over the Berkeley County Regiment of Militia. He went to England and remained there from 1746 to 1748.

On June 16, 1720, he married Sarah, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Lindrey - they had three sons and two daughters.

In 1700, as an infant, he inherited his father's share of Carolina and became the youngest ever Lords Proprietor. His mother, Elizabeth Blake, managed his share until he reached maturity. For a while, she authorized Maurice Ashley to sign documents in London on behalf of her son.

Via his attorney, Samuel Wragg, Joseph Blake, Jr. sold his share of Carolina to the Crown in 1728/1729.


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