Carolina Lords Proprietors

Samuel Wragg

As the attorney for Joseph Blake, Jr., Samuel Wragg signed the documents transferring Blake's share of Carolina over to the Crown in 1728/1729.

Samuel Wragg married Marie DuBose, the daughter of Jacques DuBose, a French Huguenot immigrant and merchant in Charles Town. Samuel and Marie had two sons and two daughters.

Samuel Wragg was elected a member of the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly in 1711-1712, in 1716-1717, and again in 1717 from Berkeley and Craven Counties; he was appointed a Member of the Executive Council in 1717; he took his seat on the Executive Council on August 13, 1717, giving up his seat in the Commons House of Assembly.

During 1718, Samuel Wragg and his son, William, were on a ship bound for England when it was seized by the notorious pirate, Blackbeard (Edward Teach). The pirates took all the money he had with him (a considerable amount), threatened him with death, and subjected him with many hardships and humiliations before they released him and his son.

Samuel and his brother, Joseph were both members of the Executive Council after the Crown purchased Carolina from the Lords Proprietors. They were merchants in Charles Town, and both had apparently been merchants in London prior to moving to South Carolina.

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