Carolina Counties, Precincts, and Parishes in 1729

At the end of the Lords Proprietors' rule in 1729, there were fifteen (15) counties in the Colony - Eleven (11) in North Carolina and four (4) in South Carolina. In South Carolina, the Anglican Church had established twelve (12) Parishes, primarily for the administration of the Church, but later adopted to serve as "election precincts" for governmental administration.

As of 1729, all counties shown in North Carolina were still called "precincts." Many records indicate that these were called "counties" starting in mid-1735, but many historians assert that the change from "precinct" to "county" occurred in 1739, the same year that these same historians assert that the old Albemarle County and Bath County were abolished. This Author has seen quite a few other dates for the abolition of Albemarle and Bath counties, so I leave it to the reader to decide on this.


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