Armistead Burwell

Associate Justice - NC Supreme Court

Date Born: October 22, 1839

Date Died: May 13, 1913

Place Born: Hillsborough, NC

Place Buried: Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte, NC


Associate Justice 1892-1895

Armistead Burwell was born on October 22, 1839 in Hillsborough, NC, the son of Rev. Robert Armistead Burwell and Margaret Anna (Robertson) Burwell. He graduated from Davidson College in 1859, with the first honors. He then taught school, and he was in the state of Arkansas when the U.S. Civil War broke out.

Armistead Burwell served as Adjutant in Company A of the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry during the Civil War, and he was severely wounded in 1864, while his unit was defending Atlanta, GA.

After the war, Armistead Burwell returned to teaching school in Charlotte, NC, and he began studying law. He was licensed to practice law in 1869.

Circa 1869, Armistead Burwell married Ella Maude Jenkins; they had six known children.

In 1877, Armistead Burwell was appointed as a State Director for the North Carolina Railroad (NCRR).

In 1880, Armistead Burwell formed a law partnership with Platt Dickinson Walker, another future Associate Justice on the NC Supreme Court, and this partnership lasted twenty years.

Later in 1880, Armistead Burwell was also elected to represent the 29th NC Senate District (Mecklenburg County) in the NC Senate of the:
- 84th General Assembly that met in 1881

On November 16, 1892, Governor Thomas Michael Holt appointed Armistead Burwell as an Associate Justice on the NC Supreme Court, filling the seat of Chief Justice Augustus Summerfield Merrimon, who had died on November 14, 1892, while James Edward Shepherd was elected Chief Justice.

In the General Election of 1894, Armistead Burwell was defeated and left the NC Supreme Court on January 1, 1895. He returned to his private law practice in Charlotte.

On May 13, 1913, Armistead Burwell died, and he was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte, NC.

Armistead Burwell was born in Hillsborough, NC in October of 1839, the son of Rev. Robert Burwell, the Presbyterian pastor at that place. He graduated from Davidson College in 1859, with first honors, and was engaged in teaching in Arkansas when the War broke out.

He served throughout the War with troops from Arkansas, reaching the rank of Captain, and was severely wounded in 1864 before Atlanta.

He resumed teaching in Charlotte, NC after the War; he studied law and was licensed to practice in 1869; he was a State Senator in 1880.

He was appointed by Governor Thomas M. Holt to the NC Supreme Court in November of 1892, but was defeated in the election of 1894 by the Republican candidate. He resumed his private practice in Charlotte, where he died in May of 1913.

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