North Carolina Court of Appeals


Court of Appeals Judges

The 1965 constitutional amendment and legislation that established the Court of Appeals provided for a total of nine judges to be elected for eight-year terms. The General Assembly created three additional seats on the court in 1977, bringing the total number of judges to twelve.

The bulk of the Court of Appeals’ caseload consists of cases appealed from the trial courts. The court also hears direct appeals of certain administrative agency decisions. The Court of Appeals sits in panels of three judges. This arrangement allows the court to hear arguments in separate cases at the same time.

The chief justice of the N.C. Supreme Court designates one of the judges of the Court of Appeals as chief judge. The chief judge assigns appellate judges to the four panels so that each will sit, as nearly as possible, an equal number of times with every other judge.

The Court of Appeals sits primarily in Raleigh, although it may sit in other locations throughout the state as authorized by the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals appoints a clerk to serve at its pleasure. Opinions of the Court of Appeals are prepared by the Appellate Division reporter.

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