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Warren County

In 1786, the North Carolina General Assembly passed an Act - Chapter LXIV - naming and authorizing trustees to build and manage a new school named the Warrenton Academy. The trustees were also authorized to establish a lottery to raise money to help fund the new academy.

In January of 1787, the state legislature chartered Warrenton Academy. Among the trustees named in the act were Henry Patillo, William R. Davie, Benjamin Hawkins, Nathaniel Macon, Thomas Person, and Willie Jones. The school was built upon a tract deeded to the trustees for that purpose in 1805 by James Brehon.

The Act directed that money for the school be raised by a lottery. Headmaster from 1788 until 1809 was Marcus George, said to be a man of “eccentric habits.” By 1819, the school was known as Warrenton Male Academy. Among the students were Braxton Bragg, Thomas Ruffin, Weldon Edwards, Thomas Bragg, and Matt Ransom.

In the late nineteenth century another school, the Graham School, operated in a later building on the same site. That building's exterior was painted red, leading to the common reference to it as “The Red Academy.” Beginning in 1898, the building housed Warrenton High School, initially a private school and after 1923 a public school.

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