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Mike Causey

The General Assembly created the North Carolina Department of Insurance in 1899. Licensing and supervision of insurance companies were previously delegated to the Secretary of State’s office, but a group of insurance agents felt a specific state agency dedicated to overseeing the insurance industry was needed. Lawmakers agreed, and the Department of Insurance was established on March 6, 1899. The Commissioner was first elected by the people in 1908.

The position and duties of the Commissioner of Insurance are established by Article III, Section 7 of the North Carolina Constitution, and the Commissioner is part of the Council of State as well as the State Fire Marshall.

The Department of Insurance includes the following divisions:

- Services for Consumers
- Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)
- Agent Services
- Criminal Investigations
- External Review Program
- Property and Casualty
- Forms and Rates (Life and Health)
- Market Regulation
- Financial Evaluation
- Regulatory Actions
- Actuarial services
- Legislative Services
- Media Relations Office
- Controller's Office
- Regional Offices

The Department of Insurance provides valuable services to the people of North Carolina by regulating the insurance industry, licensing insurance professionals and others, educating consumers about different types of insurance, handling consumer complaints, and much more. The Department also houses the Office of State Fire Marshal, which is responsible for a host of other services that improve North Carolinians’ daily lives. With some 400 employees and 20 divisions, much of what the Department of Insurance does directly affects all citizens, though most may not realize it.

The Department regulates insurance companies and agents. Any insurance business in this state first must be approved by the Commissioner, and companies and agents must meet rigorous standards before they receive a license to do that business. The Department also provides other services not directly associated with insurance. Some of the things the Department does include:

- Licensing bail bondsmen
- Overseeing motor clubs and collection agencies
- Protecting consumers from fraud and illegal behavior with a staff of sworn law enforcement offiicers
- Educating North Carolinians about safety issues such as child safety seats, fire protection, natural disaster preparation and other family safety issues
- Interpreting the state’s building codes and suggesting new and improved codes to further protect citizens
obtaining and maintaining insurance coverage for all state-owned buildings, including such items as the Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington and the campuses of the state university system
- Assisting the elderly and others with Medicare and Medicaid questions through our nationally recognized Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program

The Department of Insurance strives to provide high quality service to North Carolinians across the state. Our headquarters are in Raleigh and we have regional offices in Asheville, Charlotte, and New Bern.

Past Commissioners of Insurance




Mike Causey

2017 -
Elected on November 8, 2016.

George Wayne Goodwin

2009 - 2017

James Eugene Long

1985 - 2009

John R. Ingram

1973 - 1985

Edwin S. Lanier

1962 - 1973
Appointed by Governor James Terry Sanford on July 5, 1962. Elected to subsequent terms.

Charles F. Gold

1953 - 1962
Appointed by Governor William B. Umstead on November 16, 1953.Elected to subsequent terms. Died on June 28, 1962.

Waldo C. Cheek

1949 - 1953
Appointed by Governor William K. Scott on June 14, 1949. Elected to subsequent terms. Resigned on October 15, 1953.

William P. Hodges

1942 - 1949
Appointed by Governor Joseph M. Broughton on September 10, 1942. Elected to subsequent terms. Resigned in June of 1949.

Daniel C. Boney

1927 - 1942
Appointed by Governor Angus W. McLean on November 15, 1927. Elected for subsequent terms. Died on September 7, 1942.

Stacey W. Wade

1921 - 1927
Elected in the general elections of 1920. Resigned on November 15, 1927.

James R. Young

1899 - 1921
Elected by the General Assembly on March 6, 1899. Appointed to subsequent terms. Elected in the general election of 1908.

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