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North Carolina Department of Military & Veterans Affairs

Mission Statement: That North Carolina be the most military friendly state in the country, and that this Department supports this vision by leading the coordination and planning for protecting military installations, improving quality of life, and encouraging military-related economic growth in North Carolina through the involvement and interface between Department members, installation commanders, community leaders, state and federal agencies, and other associated organizations.

  Cornell A. Wilson, Jr.
Maj. Gen. USMC, Retired
Year Established: 2015 
Phone Number: (844) 624-8387 & (919) 733-3851
Current Website:
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Number of Employees: Researching Number of Facilities: HQ

413 North Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

The Department of Military & Veterans Affairs Includes:

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs focuses on protecting North Carolina’s military installations, working with the communities around military bases, helping military families and veterans get the support and services they need, and helping connect veterans with jobs.

The goals of the DMVA Military Division are to:

1: Protect North Carolina’s existing military installations and missions
2: Expand defense related economic development in North Carolina
3: Improve quality of life for military members and families
4: Provide legislative and state agency coordination for military related issues
5: Lead the state’s efforts to prepare for the next base realignment and closure (BRAC) process.

The agency manages the NC4VETS website, a one-stop-shop for information on services, benefits and programs for Veterans, service members, and their families:

- Employment
- Healthcare
- VA Benefits
- Housing
- Personal Services
- Education

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs includes four (4) commissions/committees:

- NC Military Affairs Commission
- NC Veterans Affairs Commission
- Governor's Work Group
- Governor's Jobs for Veterans Committee

The Department of Public Safety continues to oversee the North Carolina National Guard.

NC Statute Authority for the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs

The Department of Military & Veteran Affairs is authorized by General Statute 143B, Article X, Paragraph 143B-XXX:

"There is hereby recreated and reestablished a department to be known as the Department of Military & Veteran Affairs, with the organization, powers, and duties defined in apjdsldlkadlkasldk."

Click Here to view the entire Statute, which describes in greater detail all of the functions of the Department of Military & Veteran Affairs.

History of the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs:
The Department was created in 2015 with the stated mission as provided above.

Past Secretaries of the Deparment of Military & Veterans Affairs



Cornell A. Wilson, Jr.
Major General - USMC, Retired

2015 to Present

Department Launched in 2015

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