Beverly Marlene Moore Perdue

66th Unique Governor of the State of North Carolina - 2009 to 2013
73rd Governor Officially

Date Born: January 14, 1947

Date Died: TBD

Place Born: Grundy, VA

Place Buried: TBD

Residence: Chapel Hill, NC

Occupation: Educator/Politician

In January 2009, Bev Perdue was inaugurated as the 73rd Governor of North Carolina and our state's first woman governor. On Governor Perdue’s first day in office she signed a series of executive orders designed to make government more efficient, more accessible and more accountable to the people.

Before entering public service, Perdue worked as a public school teacher, as director of geriatric services at a community hospital in her hometown of New Bern, and earned a Ph.D. in Education Administration. Governor Perdue has also served in the State House, State Senate and as Lieutenant Governor for 8 years.

As a state legislator, Perdue was part of several landmark initiatives, including raising teacher salaries from 43rd to 21st in the nation, starting the Children's Health Insurance Program, and creating the Clean Water Management Trust Fund.

As Lt. Governor, Perdue led our state's efforts during the Defense Department's Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, successfully protecting North Carolina's military bases worth $18 billion and 350,000 jobs to our economy. Building on that success, Perdue launched the NC Military Foundation to attract 21st century defense, aerospace and homeland security jobs to North Carolina.

She also created the Green Business Fund to make environmental innovation investments in alternative fuels, green construction, and other clean energy technologies - positioning North Carolina to become a national leader in environmental technology and in high-wage green collar jobs.

As Chair of the Health and Wellness Trust Fund Commission, Perdue helped create Senior Care, a prescription drug program for low-income seniors called the best in the nation by NC AARP. And under Perdue's leadership, the state targeted teen tobacco use for the first time - an effort that resulted in all 115 school systems becoming 100% tobacco free.

Drawing on her experience as a former teacher, Bev Perdue is working to transform North Carolina classrooms into 21st century learning centers through increased technology in the classroom and a statewide online school initiative, steps critical to preparing students to enter the global workforce. She understands clearly that the success of our education system will define our economic future as a state, that's why she is committed to attracting and retaining the best teachers in America.

Bev grew up in the coal mining mountains of Southwest Virginia and has lived most of her adult life in New Bern. Her parents never finished high school, but always preached education and hard work as the path to success - and those are the values that continue to drive her today.

Bev is married to Bob Eaves and she is the proud mother of two sons, Garrett and his wife April and Emmett. Bob is the proud father of Charlotte and her husband Doug, and Robert and his wife Michelle. They have five grandchildren - Bennett, Jake, Rachel, Sarah, and Amelia. Bev and Bob also share their home with two dogs, Dosie and Zipper.

Beverly Marlene Moore was born in Grundy, Virginia to Alfred P. and Irene Morefield Moore. Her father was a coal miner who became a utility CEO. She earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Kentucky, as well as a master's degree in education and a doctoral degree in education administration from the University of Florida. She worked as a hospital administrator and consultant before entering politics.

Perdue lives in Chapel Hill and formerly lived in New Bern. She has been married to Bob Eaves since 1997 and has two grown sons, Garrett and Emmett (b. 1976, 1979), from her previous marriage to Gary Perdue, which lasted from 1970 to 1994. She still keeps her last name as "Perdue," using her new married name as her middle name.

Perdue, a Democrat, served in the North Carolina House of Representatives from 1986 to 1990, and in the North Carolina Senate from 1990 to 2000. During her last three terms in the Senate, she served as one of the state's chief budget writers and was the first woman to hold this position. While she was in office, the General Assembly increased teacher pay and passed Governor Hunt's Excellent Schools Act and Smart Start. Additionally, she led the debate that created North Carolina's Clean Water Management Trust Fund.

In 2000, she defeated Republican Betsy Cochrane for the lieutenant governor's seat, becoming North Carolina's first female lieutenant governor; she was re-elected to a second term in 2004. As lieutenant governor, Perdue's most significant accomplishment was casting the tie-breaking vote that established the North Carolina Education Lottery.

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