John Christoph Blucher Ehringhaus

52nd Governor of the State of North Carolina - 1933 to 1937

Date Born: February 5, 1882

Date Died: July 31, 1949

Place Born: Elizabeth City, NC

Place Buried: Elizabeth City, NC

Residence: Pasquotank County, NC and Raleigh, NC

Occupation: Lawyer

John Christoph Blucher Ehringhaus (5 February 1882 – 31 July 1949) was the Democratic governor of the state of North Carolina from 1933 to 1937.

Serving the state during the Depression, Ehringhaus encouraged the North Carolina General Assembly to create a state agency that would help rural areas of the state receive electricity services in order to revive the lagging economy.

Asked how to say his name, he told The Literary Digest "My name is pronounced as if spelled ear'en-house." (Charles Earle Funk, What's the Name, Please?, Funk & Wagnalls, 1936.)

A dormitory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ehringhaus' alma mater (class of 1902) is named in his honor.

The second longest bridge in the state of North Carolina, a 3.5 mile stretch over the Albemarle Sound, is named in honor of this former governor.

Ehringhaus' grave is located in Elizabeth City, NC.

Before being elected Governor in 1932, this Elizabeth City native had graduated from the University of North Carolina, studied law, served in the Legislature, and was a district solicitor. When Governor Ehringhaus took office during the Depression, he had strong support from the Legislature to extend the public school term to eight months, create a rental system for school textbooks, and increase the transportation to rural schools.

During his term, a parole system was established and coordinated with the welfare program, workmen's compensation laws were passed, and voluntary crop control measures were approved. Ehringhaus expanded the Labor Department, reorganized the Utilities Commission, and obtained federal aid to peanut and potato farmers. After ending his terms as Governor, he practiced law in Raleigh and served as special assistant to the US District Attorney.

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