The American Revolution in North Carolina

Needham Bryan

Colonel over the Johnston County Regiment of Militia - 1775-1776

On September 9, 1775, the NC Provincial Congress appointed Needham Bryan as Colonel/Commandant over the Johnston County Regiment of Militia. Col. Needham Bryan led the Johnston County Regiment of Militia at the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge on February 27, 1776. He resigned soon thereafter and was replaced by Col. William Bryan. Needham Bryan had earlier been a Colonel over the Colonial Militia of Johnston County.

The son of Needham Bryan and Annie Rambeau, Needham Bryan II was born on October 31, 1726. He married Nancy Ann Smith on February 5, 1748, who died in 1760. He married a second time to Charlotte Moore. He was a member of the Colonial Assembly from 1760 to 1769 and again in 1773 to 1775. He represented Johnston County in the First Provincial Congress at New Bern on August 25, 1774, to the Third Provincial Congress at Hillsborough in August of 1775, and the Fourth Provincial Congress at Halifax in April of 1776. In 1777, he was elected as a NC Senator from Johnston County.

On April 23, 1777, Needham Bryan introduced a bill in the NC General Assembly to establish the town of Smithfield, VA. He died circa 1784.

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