A History of Hoggs Town, North Carolina

Possibly established as Hog Town while part of Tyrrell County before Martin County was created out of pieces of Halifax and Tyrrell counties, the first official mention of this village is contained in "Laws of North Carolina for 1755," designating places for legal examinations and inspections required at that time for various agricultural products before they could be offered for sale. Hog Town was on the Roanoke River just below the present location of Hamilton in Martin County, North Carolina.

Also found mentioned in the 1775 law of the Provincial General Assembly, Hog Town was identified as being situated on the Roanoke River. The town was never incorporated, but it had served as a polling place for elections in the upper part of Martin County. A special Act was passed by the state General Assembly in 1804 providing that separate elections for the upper end of the county previously held at Hog Town be thereafter held at "some convenient place in the town of Hamilton." Hog Town has been mentioned little since 1804, and there is virtually no sign today that it ever existed.

Found on many maps of the late 1700s as Hog Town, Hogg Town, Hoggton, Hoggton Landing, and simply Hogton, it was apparently a thriving river landing until it was eclipsed by the very nearby town of Hamilton, which has been in existence since 1804. There were other small communities that sprang up within miles of this location, including Clarks Store, and Roanoke - so, a lot of folks are not clear as to which one was the true successor - if there was one - to Hogg Town.

Many think that since the first Postmaster for Hogg's Town was Mr. David Clarke then it is logical that he or a kinsman simply changed the name to Clarks Store. However, the location named Clarks Store was granted a US Post Office in 1805, long before the US Post Office Department acknowledged the closing of Hogg Town's Post Office in 1823. Furthermore, Clarks Store was not really all that close to Hogg Town.

Records from the US Post Office Department indicate that the official successor to Hogg's Town - as the PO Department had it listed - was the newly-formed town of Hamilton. The US Post Office Department granted Hogg's Town a Post Office on June 22, 1796, with Mr. David Clarke as the first Postmaster. This PO remained in continuous operation until April 25, 1823, when it was officially renamed to Hamilton - with a new Postmaster named Mr. William Wilson on that date.

Since the town of Hamilton was established in 1804 and did not receive its first Post Office until 1823, it is very likely that the little Post Office of Hogg's Town simply never put in a name change request - or - the other possibility is that Hamilton did not grow fast enough to warrant switching out the locations since they were so near to each other. There are no records pertaining to Hogg's Town after 1823.

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