A History of Princeton, North Carolina

The town of Princeton is somewhat of an enigma. Found on several maps of North Carolina in the 1790s as being between Winton and Murfreesborough in Hertford County, it is also found north of Murfreesborough, and one map asserts that Murfreesborough and Princeton are one and the same.

The 1808 Price-Strother map of North Carolina shows this town as Prince Town at a bend on the Meherin River northeast of Murfreesborough. As with many early towns, there simply isn't much information available - historical or otherwise - regarding Princeton.

US Post Office Department records show that Princeton, NC was granted a Post Office on July 1, 1795, and its first Postmaster was Mr. Benjamin Coackley. Their records do not indicate when the PO was closed down, but it was certainly prior to 1824.

In 1873, another Princeton, NC was established in Johnston County, and it exists to this day.

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