A History of Scotland Neck, North Carolina

In 1722 a colony of Scots Highlanders led by Lord Nairn settled in the "neck" of the Roanoke River in the eastern part of Halifax County, North Carolina. The name Scotland Neck first described the small communities that clustered around this original settlement. Although incorporated in 1867, a real "town" actually began right after the American Revolution, and most accept circa 1785 as when this happened.

Scotland Neck was granted a US Post Office on July 1, 1797, with Mr. Henry Baker as the first Postmaster. This PO has been in continuous operation since inception. For a brief two months in 1896 (2/1 - 4/6), the records indicate that the town's name was shortened to simply Scotland with that Postmaster being Mr. Richard H. Smith, Jr. - but, it was quickly changed back to Scotland Neck with the same Mr. Smith as Postmaster. I'm sure locals know why this happened.

The town has the unique distinction of being the only town in the state where people park in the middle of the street, and therefore has no stoplights at all.

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