A History of Scull Camp, North Carolina

Found on maps produced just before and just after 1800, Scull Camp was a small village in northwestern Surry County, North Carolina, roughly 16-18 miles north and west of Rockford, the County Seat at the time.

On July 1, 1801, the US Post Office Department granted Scull Camp a Post Office, and its first Postmaster was Mr. John Hughes. This PO remained in continuous operation until February 23, 1856, when it was permanently closed. No other useful information about this town is currently available.

Although the town has been defunct for over 150 years, there are numerous references to it still in use. Apparently at the same location currently is Skull Camp Mountain - which was named first is surely known to the locals. In the same vicinity is the Skull Camp Volunteer Fire Department - Click Here - if you want to learn more.

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