North Carolina Railroads - Jamesville & Washington Railroad


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Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

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Jamesville, NC

Washington, NC

* 1894 acquired by Norfolk & Southern Railway.

Apparently abandoned by N&S before 1896 - does not show up on any maps after 1895.

aka Washington & Jamesville Railroad.  

The Jamesville and Washington Railroad and Lumber Company was incorporated in 1869. By 1870, the first segment of a narrow-gauge railroad extended into the company’s vast stands of timber south and east of Jamesville.

Facetiously known as the “Jolt and Wiggle” for its uneven ride, the J&W RR made possible the expansion of large-scale timbering and small-scale farming into heretofore hinterlands in Jamesville and Griffins townships. But, the company decided to take its logging line public and began improving the tracks and seriously determining where to go next.

The Jamesville and Washington Railroad was the first railroad to enter Washington, NC. This company began buying rights-of-way in 1877, and completed their line about 1885. The following year it built its depot on the “fronts” of lots 61 and 56 of Van Norden Town.

This was on the southeast corner of Washington and Main streets. These lots were purchased from James L. and Caroline Fowle for $850. The line ran between Washington, on the Pamlico River, and Jamesville, on the Roanoke River, a distance of about twenty miles. The “Jolt and Wiggle” made one round trip each day.

Click Here for photos of the old train depot station in Washington, NC.

Towns on Route:


Dymond City (1878) > Amherst (1894)


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