North Carolina Railroads - Virginia-Carolina Railroad


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Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

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Konnarock, VA

Todd, NC
* 1916 - Acquired by the Norfolk & Western Railroad. Called their Abingdon Branch until it was closed down in 1977.

The Virginia-Carolina Railroad was an interstate railroad in southwestern Virginia and northwestern North Carolina. It ran from Abingdon in Washington County, VA to Todd in Ashe County, NC. The line charted a complicated course through the mountains of the area, crossing the Blue Ridge Mountain not far from Mount Rogers.

Construction of the railroad began in 1885 by the Abingdon Coal and Iron Railroad but the company folded before the railroad became operational. Construction was continued by the Virginia Western Coal & Iron Railroad, but again financial difficulties persisted.

The Norfolk & Western Railroad sponsored the Virginia-Carolina Railroad, then took over the line in 1898, and finally completed construction to Damascus in 1900. In 1907, the line reached Taylor's Valley.

The Virginia-Carolina Railroad was extended through the Blue Ridge Mountains to White Top in 1912, and to its terminus by 1914. The Norfolk & Western Railroad absorbed the line in 1916 and operated it as its Abingdon Branch. Operations ceased in 1977 after flooding damaged portions of the track.

This railroad was affectionately nicknamed the "Virginia Creeper."

Towns on Route (in NC):

NC/VA State Line


Tuckerdale (1915)


Berlin > Bina (1918)

Warrensville (1902)

Smethport (1916)

West Jefferson (1915)

Beaver Creek


Fleetwood (1910s)

Garren (1915)

Riverside (1910s)

West Riverside (1916) > Brownwood (1919)

McGuire (1903)

Todd (1921)

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