The American Revolution in South Carolina

Barton's Post

April 8, 1781

Patriot Cdr:

Major John Cooper
British Cdr:

Capt. John Barton






Old District: 

Charles Town District
Present County:

Colleton County

aka Red Hill Plantation. One source asserts this engagement happened on April 15th.

The day after Four Holes Swamp, Col. William Harden’s subordinate Major John Cooper (formerly one of Marion’s men), assaulted Barton’s Post, while Col. Harden and the rest of the men went to Pocotaligo Road.

Some firing was exchanged, and Capt. John Barton, having lost three men and himself wounded, finally surrendered.

McCrady lists the Patriot losses as one killed and two wounded. He gives the Loyalist losses as one killed, three wounded and three prisoners. In all three of these engagements with Barton and Fenwick, McCrady lists the American commander as “Cooper,” rather than Harden.

Col. William Harden dispatched Major John Cooper and fifteen men to take Capt. John Barton at his post. Major Cooper surrounded the post and asked for surrender. Capt. John Barton refused and opened fire. Even though Capt. Barton only had six men, the firing lasted over an hour. After half his force had been killed, Capt. Barton finally gave up, and having been mortally wounded, he died shortly afterwards.

Major Cooper and his small squad soon caught up with Col. William Harden at Pocotaligo Road that same day.

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants
Upper Granville County Regiment of Militia detachment led by Major John Cooper, with fifteen of men

Capt. John Barton, with six men


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