The American Revolution in South Carolina

Hulin's Mill

April 27, 1781

Patriot Cdr:

Col. Abel Kolb
Loyalist Cdr:

John Deer, Osborne Lane






Old District: 

Georgetown District
Present County:

Dillon County

aka Hulen's Mill.

At Hulin's Mill on Caftish Creek, Col. Abel Kolb with a group of his men under Lt. Col. Lemuel Benton, Capt. Joseph Dabbs, and Capt. John Cox, surprised some Loyalists under John Deer and Osborne Lane, killing Deer and wounding Osborne, who escaped into Catfish Swamp. Another Loyalist, Caleb Williams, Col. Kolb hanged.

Deer, Williams, and Lane were reputed to be notorious marauders by their enemies, but, as is often the case in war, notorious can be a matter of the eyes of the beholder. Lane lived on for many years and was looked upon as a respected citizen in his community.

It was forays like this which no doubt fomented Col. Abel Kolb's own murder, which took place on the night of 28 April. While this incident is of minimal military significance, it is nevertheless representative of numerous like occurrences, many unrecorded, which took place during the war in the south.

One source says the raid at Hulin's Mill happened on April 10th. Another says that it is the same raid at Drowning Creek on April 27, but the two known locations are not that close to each other (~15 miles), even if in the same present-day county.

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants
Cheraws District Regiment of Militia detachment led by Col. Abel Kolb and Lt. Col. Lemuel Benton, with two (2) known companies, led by:
- Capt. John Cox
- Capt. Joseph Dabbs

John Deer (killed)
Osborne Lane (aka Osburn McLean) (escaped)
Caleb Williams (hanged)


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