The American Revolution in South Carolina


March 17-20, 1780

Patriot Cdr:

Lt. Col. James Ladson
British Cdr:

Capt. Abraham DePeyster






Old District: 

Charles Town District/ Beaufort District
Present County:

Colleton County/
Hampton County

After Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton confiscated many horses in and around Beaufort, he passed through Jacksonborough on March 17th and met a small group of SC Militia on horseback - killing three, wounding one, and capturing one. This skirmish could be called the skirmish at Jacksonborough.

Also on March 17th, a British force, commanded by Capt. Abraham DePeyster, had detected a Patriot reconnaissance patrol, commanded by Lt. Col. James Ladson, some six miles to their front of their position. The patrol consisted of the Colleton County Regiment of Militia. The Patriots had been felling trees across the roads leading to the Saltketcher Ferry and destroying all of the boats along the river so that the British could not use them to cross the river. The British were ordered to pursue the militia, which they did.

On March 18th, Capt. DePeyster's troop reached the Salkehatchie River, where about eighty Patriot Militia under Lt. Col. Ladson had destroyed the bridge and occupied a tavern on the east bank in order to annoy the enemy advance. The British assigned part of Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton's Legion to return their fire and keep them occupied while the remainder of the advance guard forded the river further down, outflanked Lt. Col. Ladson's men, and attacked them from the rear. Several Patriot troops were shot or bayoneted; the rest fled.

Four Patriots were wounded, and of the British /Loyalist forces, Major Colin Graham and Major James Wright were wounded as well.

It took two days for the British forces to cross the Salkehatchie River using boats brought along the trek. A detachment of NY Volunteers was assigned to place the boats back onto carriages after their use. Snipers on the far shore, from Capt. William Sanders's Round O Company of the Colleton County Regiment, fired upon them. Three of the Loyalist detail were killed.

Known Patriot Participants

Known British/Loyalist Participants

Colleton County Regiment of Militia detachment led by Lt. Col. James Ladson with unknown number of men

Capt. William Sanders - Round O Company

Capt. Abraham DePeyster

Major Colin Graham

Major James Wright

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