South Carolina Railroads - Carolina, Cumberland Gap & Chicago Railway


Year Chartered or Incorporated

Year Line Operational

Year Service Ended

Original Starting Point

Original Ending Point





Aiken, SC

Edgefield, SC
+ 1898 - Sold to the South Carolina & Georgia Railroad.
* <1898 - Acquired by the Ohio River & Charleston Railroad.

In 1883, the South Carolina Railway entered into a traffic contract with the Carolina, Cumberland Gap & Chicago Railway Company, owners of the twenty-three (23) miles of road from Aiken to Edgefield, for a certain rebate from the receipts realized from joint business. In 1886, this contract was extended for a period of ten years.

Upon the reorganization of the South Carolina Railway in 1894 to the new South Carolina & Georgia Railroad Company, the new SC&G RR continued to operate, by a modified agreement, the line of the Carolina, Cumberland Gap & Chicago Railway Company between Aiken and Edgefield until March 31, 1896, when that company, as a result of bankruptcy, was succeeded by the Carolina & Cumberland Gap Railway Company.

Apparently, the new Carolina & Cumberland Gap Railway was soon sold to the Ohio River & Charleston Railroad, because by 1898 the OR&C RR owned the line and sold it to the South Carolina & Georgia Railroad in August of that year.

1882, the merger of the Atlantic & French Broad Valley Rail Road with the Morristown, Cumberland Gap & Carolina Rail Road, the Morristown & Carolina Rail Road, and the Cumberland Railway.

Towns on Route:


Crofts (1892)

Eureka (1890)



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