South Carolina Watersheds - Santee River Basin

The Santee River Basin encompasses eleven (11) watersheds and 1,280 square miles. The Santee River originates in the Upper Coastal Plain region, giving way to the Lower Coastal Plain and Coastal Zone regions. It includes nearly one million acres. There are a total of 976 stream miles, 94,668 acres of lake waters, and 5,276 acres of estuarine areas in the Santee River Basin.

The Santee River is formed from the confluence of the Congaree and Wateree Rivers and flows through Lake Marion. It is diverted in lower Lake Marion, and either flows out of the Santee Dam to eventually drain into the Atlantic Ocean via the South Santee River and the North Santee River, or is channeled along a 7-1/2 mile diversion canal to fill Lake Moultrie. After flowing through the Santee Dam, the Santee River is joined by the Rediversion Canal connecting Lake Moultrie and the lower Santee River.

Click Here for a .pdf file showing maps of all the watersheds within the Santee River Basin. This also includes a comprehensive listing of all rivers, streams, and lakes with the Santee River Basin.

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