Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

15th Commons House of Assembly - 1716 to 1717
The Fifteenth Commons House of Assembly convened for at least eight (8) known sessions. The first session met from February 28th to March 24th in 1716. The second session met from April 17th to May 19th in 1716. The third session met from June 5th to June 30th in 1716. The fourth session met from July 13th to August 4th in 1716. The fifth session met from November 13th to December 15th in 1716. The sixth session met from December 27th to December 30th in 1716. The seventh session met from January 16th to January 26th in 1717. The eighth session met from February 12th to February 16th in 1717.

Election District


Berkeley County
Craven County

(20 Delegates)

Richard Beresford

Thomas Broughton*

William Bull

William Cattell

Benjamin De La Conseilliere

Thomas Diston

Jonathan Drake

William Elliott

Robert Howes

Edward Hyrne

Ralph Izard

Walter Izard

Paul Peter LeBas

Arthur Middleton

James Moore (1)

Benjamin Quelch

Benjamin Schenckingh

James Stanyarne

Thomas Waring

Samuel Wragg

Colleton County

(10 delegates)

James Cochran

John Godfrey

Arthur Hall

John Kenneway

Joseph Morton (Landgrave)

Henry Quintyne

John Raven

Bonam Sams

John Whitmarsh

Christopher Wilkinson
* Thomas Broughton was elected as the Speaker of the House. Thomas Moore was elected as Clerk of the House. Lewis Lansac was elected as Messenger of the House. He died between August 4th and November 13th in 1716. John Brown was elected as Messenger of the House on November 14, 1716.
(1) James Moore declined to serve. No evidence has been found of anyone replacing him.
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