Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

9th Commons House of Assembly - 1707
The Ninth Commons House of Assembly convened for at least one (1) known session, which met from March 28th to April 24th in 1707. The membership remained at twenty (20) delegates from Berkeley and Craven Counties combined, and ten (10) delegates from Colleton County. It is not currently possible to ascertain from which county the following delegates served because the information has yet to be found. As can be seen below, the list is incomplete, but it contains all the known delegates identified in the only journal that survives.

Election District


County Unknown

(30 Delegates Authorized,
28 Delegates Identified)

John Ash

William Baker

William Capers

Charles Burnham*

James Cochran

David Davis

Jonathan Drake

William Elliott

George Evans

Samuel Eveleigh

John Fenwick

Robert Fenwick

Thomas Jones

Thomas Lynch

James Moore

Joseph Morton (Landgrave)

Thomas Nairne

John Pendarvis

John Raven

George Smith

Thomas Smith (Landgrave)

John Stevens

Robert Stevens

John Stroud

John Witter

John Williams

John Woodward

John Wright

- -
* Charles Burnham was elected as the Speaker of the House. Thomas Hepworth was elected as Clerk of the House. Robert Ellis was elected as Messenger of the House.
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