Carolina Under Royal Rule

1st Commons House of Assembly - 1721 to 1724

The First Commons House of Assembly under Royal Rule convened for at least sixteen (16) known sessions. The first session met from July 27th to September 21st in 1721. The second session met from January 4th to January 5th in 1722. The third session met from January 25th to March 10th in 1722. The fourth session met from May 23rd to May 26th in 1722. The fifth session met from June 12th to June 23rd in 1722. The sixth session met from July 31st to August 4th in 1722. The seventh session met from November 6th to November 10th in 1722. The eighth session met from November 20th to December 15th in 1722. The ninth session met from January 15th to February 23rd in 1723. The tenth session met from May 8th to May 18th in 1723. The eleventh session met from October 1st to October 5th in 1723. The twelfth session met from November 6th to November 16th in 1723. The thirteenth session met from December 2nd to December 21st in 1723. The fourteenth session met from January 13th to February 15th in 1724. The fifteenth session met from March 23rd to March 28th in 1724. The sixteenth session met from June 2nd to June 16th in 1724.

Available records do not indicate which parish each delegate represented except for the ones noted below.

Election District



Richard Allen

John Barnwell (1)

Richard Beresford (2) / Peter Simmons (2) (7)

Edmund Bellinger

*William Blakeney / Joseph Wragg

Richard Capers

Peter Cattell

George Chicken

Michael Darby

Abraham Eve (3) / Arthur Hall (3)

John Fenwick

Robert Fenwick

Arthur Hall (4) / Samuel Jones (4) / William Scott (4) / Benjamin Whitaker (4) / Henry Nichols (4) /

Paul Hamilton (5) / John Bull (5) / Joseph Seabrook (5)

*Thomas Hepworth

Charles Hill

Daniel Huger

Walter Izard

John Jackson (6) / John Parker (6)

Peter Johnson (7) / Peter Simmons (7)

John Lloyd

Thomas Lynch

James Nicholas Mayrant

*James Moore

Roger Moore

Percival Pawley (8) / John Drake (8)

John Raven

George Smith

Richard Smith

Thomas Smith

Benjamin Waring

William Waties

John Wilkins

Christopher Wilkinson

John Woodward
* James Moore was elected as the Speaker of the House. He died on March 3, 1724. Thomas Hepworth was then elected Speaker of the House on March 25, 1724. Nathaniel Partridge was elected as Clerk of the House. He was dismissed on March 10, 1722 for not preparing the journals. William Blakeney was then elected as Clerk of the House on May 23, 1722 and also resigned his seat in the Assembly on that same date. Joseph Wragg was elected to replace William Blakeney as the representative from St. Philip's Parish.
(1) Represented St. Helena's Parish. He died between May 4, 1724 and June 9, 1724.
(2) Represented St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish. He was killed by a falling tree on March 17, 1722. Peter Simmons was elected to replace Richard Beresford and he qualified on 6/19/1722.
(3) Represented St. Paul's Parish. He died between March 22, 1722 and May 10, 1723. Arthur Hall was elected in a special election to replace Abraham Eve (after declining to servier earlier - see 4 below), and he qualified on 11/7/1723.
(4) Arthur Hall was elected to represent both St. Helena's Parish and St. Bartholomew's Parish, but he declined to serve. Samuel Jones and William Scott received equal votes in a special election for St. Helena's Parish. In yet another special election, Samuel Jones was elected to replace Arthur Hall, but he declined to serve. Benjamin Whitaker was elected to replace Samuel Jones as the representative for St. Helena's Parish and he qualified on 11/7/1722. Henry Nichols was elected in a special election to replace Arthur Hall for St. Bartholomew's Parish, but he was deined his seat due to an improper election. He was again elected and qualified on on 11/7/1722.
(5) Elected to represent St. Helena's Parish, but he declined to serve. John Bull was elected to replace Paul Hamilton, but he too declined to serve. Joseph Seabrook was elected to replace John Bull and he qualified on 1/29/1722.
(6) Represented St. Bartholomew's Parish. He died between August 20, 1723 and October 4, 1723. John Parker was elected in a special election to replace John Jackson and he qualified on 11/13/1723.
(7) Peter Johnson and Peter Simmons received equal votes to represent St. Thomas's & St. Dennis's Parish. Peter Johnson took the seat. Peter Simmons later replaced Richard Beresford as identified in (2) above.
(8) Represented St. John's, Berkeley Parish. He died between October 4, 1723 and December 11, 1723. John Drake was elected in a special election to replace Percival Pawley and he qualified on 1/15/1724.
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