Carolina Under the Lords Proprietors' Rule

The Board of Trade's letter to Queen Anne - July 12, 1711

To the Queen's most Excellt Majesty.

May it Please Your Majesty

In obedience to Your Majesty's Order in Council of the 14th of the last month, We have considered the Memorial of the Lords Proprs of Carolina, setting forth that they have always given Instructions to their Govr of the said Province to appoint a Deputy for the better and more regular Government of that part of Carolina that lyes North & West of Cape ffear, by reason of the Great Extent of that Country, and the Necessity of Corresponding and Trafficking with the several nations of the Indians, & therefore pray your Majesty's Royal Approbation of Edward Hyde Esqre to be Govr of North Carolina aforesaid. Whereupon we humbly take leave to represent to Your Majesty that We have no objection why Your Majesty may not be graciously pleas'd to approve of the said Edw'ard Hyde as Governor of the North part of the said Province, under the Lords Proprietors according to their Lordships desire, provided he Qualify himself for that trust in such manner as the Law requires, & that he give Good & Sufficient Security for his due observance of the Acts of Parliament relating to Trade and Navigation, and of such Instructions touching the same as shall be given him by Your Majesty or by any person acting under Your Majesty's authority.

The Security usually given by the Governors of other Proprieties is in a Bond of 2000£ sterl: But in Regard the Trade in that part, is inconsiderable. We humbly offer that the Security to be given by the said Edwd Hyde be in a Bond of 1000£ Sterling.

Which is most humbly submitted.


July 12th,1711.

Lords Proprietors' Accompanying Letter to Queen Anne

To the Queens most Excellent Majesty

May it please your Maty

We your Majts most Dutifull and Loyall subjects the Lords Proprietors of the province of Carolina in America do most humbly take Leave to Represent to your Majty that by Virtue of Letters Patent to us Granted from your Royall Uncle King Charles the 2d We have constantly Recommended a Person as Governour to be confirm'd by your Majts Royall Approbation, And we have alway's given instructions to every such Governour to appoint a Deputy Governor under his hand and seal for the better and more regular Government of that part of the province of Carolina that Lies North and West of Cape Feare by reason that the great extent of that County and the necessity of Corresponding and trafficking with the severall Nations of the Indians there, does require such a Distinct Government. We humbly take leave farther to Represent to your Majesty that the Inhabitants of that Part of the Province have Lately Apply'd themselves to us on that behalf We therefore accordingly do in most humble manner recommend Edward Hyde Esqre to be Governor of the North Part of Carolina aforesaid he being a Person of integrity and Capacity well affected to your Majesty Government every way Qualified for that Trust and having been Deputy Governor to Coll. Edward Tynte lately Deceased who by your Majty Approbation was Govr of the whole Province We desire your Majesty's Approbation of him According to a Late Act of Parliament made in such Cases

All which is most humbly submitted



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