Henry Wilkinson

Governor of Albemarle 1680

Captain Henry Wilkinson was appointed Governor of Albemarle County in 1680, but personal difficulties in England prevented his sailing, and therefore he never really served as Governor. Who was "running things" in his absence is still up for debate. It was most likely John Jenkins, but could have well been John Harvey - or both.

Captain Henry Wilkinson was appointed Governor of Carolina by the Lords Proprietors in February of 1680, but delays in sailing and some problems resulting from debts prevented his departure for Carolina. These facts are recited in his own publication of 1681, but the main body is devoted to Wilkinson’s account of efforts to persuade him to appear in court as a witness against the Earl of Shaftesbury who was accused of a plot to overthrow King Charles II.

Click Here to read the Lords Proprietors' Instructions to Gov. Henry Wilkinson. One key note about these instructions (which never were implemented since Wilkinson never went to Carolina) is that the Lords Proprietors were miffed at Sir William Berkeley and they instructed Wilkinson not to permit Berkeley's Deputy to sit on the Executive Council. This Author has not identified exactly who was Berkeley's Deputy, but it was most likely Robert Holden.

Click Here for what little is known about the Executive Council that was supposed to sit under Gov. Henry Wilkinson.
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