President John Jenkins's Executive Council

Dates: 1672 to 1676 (1st Office)

Location Met: Unknown

Before his departure for London in mid-1672, Governor Peter Carteret issued to John Jenkins, President of the Executive Council and Lieutenant-Colonel of the Albemarle County militia, a commission endowing him with all of the power of Acting Governor.

On April 27, 1672, the "Grand Council" and the Speaker of the Assembly sent a letter to Gov. Peter Carteret, and it was signed by:
- John Jenkins
- Richard Foster
- John Willoughby
- James Blount
- Thomas Jarvis
- William Jennings
- Edmund Chancy
- Thomas Pearce
- Valentine Bird - Speaker of the Assembly

One can safely assume that Foster, Willoughby, Blount, Jarvis, Jennings, Chancy, and Pearce continued to serve as the Executive Council under President John Jenkins during his first term in office (1672-1676).

Late in his first term as President of the Executive Council and Acting Governor of Albemarle County, the leaders in the colony became disillusioned with John Jenkins. At elections held in September of 1675, Thomas Eastchurch and his faction acquired control of the House of Burgesses, and Eastchurch was elected Speaker. Soon thereafter, he arranged to have Acting Governor John Jenkins arrested and imprisoned for several unnamed misdemeanors.

About March 29, 1676, Jenkins was released from his imprisonment by "a party of riotous persons in armes and these with some others vote him Generalissime." Jenkins immediately turned out the Lords Proprietors' deputies and dissolved the House of Burgesses.

John Harvey was also known as a member of the Executive Council under President John Jenkins from 1672-1676.

On November 21, 1676, three of the Lords Proprietors named new deputies for Albemarle County:
- Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury appointed Thomas Miller as his deputy
- William Craven, 1st Baron Craven appointed Timothy Biggs as his deputy
- Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle appointed James Hill as his deputy
Dates: 1680 to 1681 (2nd Office)

Location Met: Unknown

On March 26, 1681, four of the Lords Proprietors issued a record of their recent deputations:
- Sir Peter Colleton, 2nd Baronet issued a "blank deputation"
- Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury appointed William Wilkinson as his deputy
- John Archdale appointed Daniel Akehurst as his deputy
- Lady Frances Berkeley issued a "blank deputation"
There are no extant records of any meetings of the Executive Council under President John Jenkins.

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