Deputy Governor and President Thomas Cary's Executive Council

Dates: 1705 to 1706 and 1708 to 1710

Locations Met: See Below

On March 21, 1704/05, Deputy Governor Thomas Cary and his Executive County issued a proclamation that all current civil officers were to continue their duties as before. Besides Cary, this proclamation was signed by:
- Richard Sanderson
- Samuel Swann
- Thomas Pollock
- William Glover

On Monday, December 3, 1705, the Executive Council met at the home of Edward Moseley in Chowan Precinct. Along with Deputy Governor Thomas Cary were:
- Thomas Pollock
- Samuel Swann
- John Arderne
- Edward Moseley

Pollock, Swann, Arderne, and Moseley were identified as Lords Proprietors' Deputies and Councillors.

It was at this meeting that Pamtecough Precinct, Wickham Precinct, and Archdale Precinct were created within Bath County, and each of these new precincts were authorized to elect two (2) representatives to the House of Burgesses.

Between 1706 and 1708, Thomas Cary seems to have accepted that William Glover was the new President of the Executive Council and de facto leader of the government in North Carolina. However, he did not allow things to stay calm forever.
On February 9, 1708/09, it appears that Thomas Cary is back in control of at least one faction of the North Carolina government, when he sends a letter to the Executive Council and signs this letter as President of the Council. The only member of the Executive Council mentioned in this letter was John Porter, who was a known member under President William Glover.
From 1708 to 1710, William Glover and Thomas Cary both claimed to be the lawful leader of North Carolina, and each man had their own Executive Council and loyal followers. Interestingly, none of the records of either Executive Council can be found.
If more information comes available it will be added herein.

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