William Glover

President and Acting Deputy Governor of Carolina Province 1706 to 1710

William Glover, President of the Executive Council and Acting Deputy Governor of North Carolina, was born about 1670. In 1705, Thomas Cary obtained a commission as Deputy Governor of Albemarle. While collector of the rents, he had neglected to settle his accounts, and the Lords Proprietors, disapproving of his election to this office, directed their Deputies to elect one of their number in his place.

Their choice fell upon William Glover. For a time, Thomas Cary yielded to this change, but afterward seized the records of the province, and re-proclaimed himself as governor. This led to anarchy, as the colony was soon divided into factions, the Church, Royalists, and adherents of the Lords Proprietors being in William Glover's division, and the party swayed by democratic instincts belonging to that of Thomas Cary.

From 1708 till 1710, each party had its own government, and elected its own council. Irritated by the persecutions of Cary, the partisans of Glover at last sought refuge in Virginia.

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