Carolina - The Native Americans

The Neusiok Indians

The name Neusiok is probably only a place name.

The form of this name suggests that the Neusiok were of the Algonquian stock, but they may have been Iroquoian like their neighbors the Tuscarora and Coree.

The Neusiok group primarily lived on the lower Neuse River particularly on the south side, in Craven and Carteret Counties of present-day North Carolina.

Village: Chattooka, on the site of Newbern, and Rouconk, exact location unknown.

In 1584, Amadas and Barlowe (explorers sent ahead of the original Roanoke colony of 1585) heard of the Neusiok as at war with the tribes farther north.

Later settlers speak of them as Neuse Indians. They dwindled away rapidly and perhaps united finally with the Tuscarora.

With the Coree, the Neusiok are estimated by Mooney (1928) at 1,000 in the year 1600.

In 1790 they numbered but fifteen warriors although occupying two towns.

The name Neusiok is connected with that of the Neuse River in North Carolina, and a post village.


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