Landgrave - John Ely

1 May 1703, the Lords Proprs. to Samuel Farley (Farlee) for £4, 200a, English measure, in Colleton Co., bounding on all sides on vacant land. Whereas John, Earl of Bath, Palatine; George, Lord Carteret; Sir John Colleton; Baronet Thomas Amy, & William Thornburgh, Esqrs., Lords Proprs., on 16 Aug 1698 impowered past Gov. Joseph Blake, James Moore, present Gov., Landgrave Joseph Marton & Edmund Bellinger, Col. Robert Daniell & John Ely, or any 3 of them in the absence of Blake, to grant lands, now Bellinger, Moore & Daniel grant Farley 200a. Plat certified by Edmond Bellinger, Sr. Gen. Nathaniel Johnson, Register.
In researching the early deeds of South Carolina, the Author has run across many indicating that John Ely was a Landgrave.


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