Landgrave Thomas Amy

Thomas Ash, otherwise unidentified, has long been ascribed as the author of this tract, but in the absence of substantial evidence in his favor it seems more likely that it was written by Thomas Amy, relative of Lord Proprietor Sir John Colleton. Amy, later a Proprietor in his own right, was made a Cacique late in 1682. St. Julien Ravenel Childs, Malaria and Colonization in the Carolina Low Country (Baltimore, Maryland: The Johns Hopkins Press [The Johns Hopkins Studies in Historical and Political Science, Series LVII, No. 1], 1940), 189.
It is very likely that Thomas Amy became a Landgrave if he was "later a Proprietory in his own right" and already a Cacique in 1682.
However, Thomas Amy was NOT one of the Lords Proprietors. He was merely appointed by four of the Lords Proprietors to manage the share of the deceased Lord William Berkeley, whose wife, Lady Frances Berkeley had sold her share. These four Lords Proprietors were Christopher Monck - 2nd Duke of Albemarle, William Craven - 1st Lord Craven, Sir George Carteret - 1st Baronet Carteret, and Sir Peter Colleton - 2nd Baronet.


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