Carolina Lords Proprietors

John Archdale

John Archdale (baptized on May 5, 1642 - July 4, 1717) was the son of Thomas Archdale and Mary, daughter of John Neville. He was first married to Elizabeth Booth in 1659. On December 3, 1673, he married Anne Dobson Cary, widow of Walter Cary - they had one son and three daughters.

John Archdale purchased the share of Carolina previously owned by one of the original Lords Proprietors, John Berkeley, 1st Baron of Stratton upon his death in 1678. This purchase was given to his son, Thomas Archdale, who in turn sold it to Joseph Blake in 1696 after the son reached maturity.

John Archdale was an agent for his brother-in-law, Sir Fernando Gorges in Maine from 1664 to 1666. In 1682, he was appointed Collector of Quitrents in Albemarle County, North Carolina. Some time between 1673 and 1671, he came under the influence of George Fox and became an active Quaker.

John Archdale was governor of Carolina from 1694 to 1696 - Click Here - for much more about this governor in this website.

He was also elected as a Member of Parliament, representing Chipping Wycombe in 1698-1699, but he was denied his seat when he refused to take the oath of office because he was a Quaker.

In 1705, John Archdale purchased another share of Carolina, the one originally owned by Sir William Berkeley, then passed to his wife, Lady Frances Berkeley, then sold back to four Lords Proprietors and placed in a trust managed by Thomas Amy. In 1708, he gave this share to his daughter, Mary Archdale Danson who was married to John Danson.

John Archdale published a small book entitled, "A New Description of That Fertile and Pleasant Province of Carolina" in 1707. He died on July 4, 1717 in England. North Carolina named a precinct after him in 1705, but it was renamed in 1712 to Craven Precinct, now Craven County.

Click Here for more about John Archdale from The History of Parliament online.

In December of 1683, a little more than six (6) years after the death of Sir William Berkeley, Lady Frances Berkeley sold her inherited share of Carolina to four living Lords Proprietors - Christopher Monck - 2nd Duke of Albemarle, William Craven - 1st Lord Craven, Sir George Carteret - 1st Baronet Carteret, and Sir Peter Colleton - 2nd Baronet. These four Lords Proprietors collectively created a trust for this share of Carolina and appointed Thomas Amy to manage the said trust.

Upon the death of Thomas Amy in 1704, his eldest son, Thomas Amy, Jr. claimed ownership of this share. He died in 1707 before perfecting his claim, which he subsequently left to his two sisters - Elizabeth Amy Moore and Ann Amy Trott (who was married to Nicholas Trott).

However, the surviving Lords Proprietors, heirs to the four mentioned above - John Grenville - 1st Baron Granville of Potheridge; William Craven, 2nd Baron Craven; John Carteret - 2nd Baronet Carteret; and Sir John Colleton - 3rd Baronet - decided that since Thomas Amy had only been appointed trustee and manager for this share of Carolina, in 1705 they sold this share to John Archdale. In 1708, John Archdale gave this share to his daughter, Mary Archdale Danson and her husband John Danson. In 1724, John Danson died and Mary Archdale Danson sold this share to Hugh Watson, trustee for James Bertie and Henry Bertie. Ultimately, this share was assigned solely to Henry Bertie, and he claimed full ownership.

The alleged various ownerships were never settled and when the Crown purchased Carolina in 1728/1729, they provided consideration to all parties involved in this share and all those named above ceded their rights to the Crown.


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