Carolina Lords Proprietors

Sir John Colleton, 3rd Baronet

Sir John Colleton, 3rd Baronet (1669-1754) was the son of Sir Peter Colleton, 2nd Baronet of Exmouth, Devonshire (Cornwall), and inherited his father's share of Carolina upon his death in 1694 (a few sources assert that Sir Peter Colleton died in 1679, but most agree it was 1694). He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Snell - they had three sons, all of whom died before their father, and he was succeeded by a grandson.

Since he was a busy merchant in Exeter, Sir John Colleton was represented at meetings in London with the other Lords Proprietors by William Thornburgh from 1694 to 1701.

Sir John Colleton went to South Carolina and lived at his plantation, Fair Lawn Barony, in St. John's Parish of Berkeley County, for a while after 1714. He soon returned to England and was considered the sixth wealthiest citizen of Exeter, where he was a merchant.

Sir. John Colleton, 3rd Baronet sold his interest in Carolina to the Crown in 1728/1729.

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