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Joseph Blake

Joseph Blake (1663 - September 7, 1700) was the son of Benjamin Blake. Sometime before 1685, he married Deborah Morton, daughter of Governor Joseph Morton; she died not long thereafter with no children. Joseph Blake then married a second time, in December of 1698, to Elizabeth Axtell, the widow of Francis Turgis and daughter of South Carolina Landgrave Daniel Axtell - they had one daughter, Rebecca. However, a son, Joseph Blake, Jr., was born after his death.

Click Here for much more about Joseph Blake as governor of Carolina in 1694 and again from 1696 to 1700 already in this website. He was also a Landgrave in Carolina.

Joseph Blake came to South Carolina with his father, Benjamin Blake (brother of the famous Admiral Robert Blake), who led a large group of Dissenters from Somersetshire to the colony in 1683. Both men became significant planters, and Benjamin served the Archdale interests as his Deputy in the Council, and Joseph as governor of the colony.

In 1695, Joseph Blake purchased land in Charles Town and soon thereafter made a gift of the land to the Presbyterian Church.

In 1696, Thomas Archdale sold his share of Carolina, originally owned by John Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton, to his cousin Joseph Blake, who was already well-settled in what soon became South Carolina. Carolina Governor John Archdale, Thomas's father, was an uncle to this Joseph Blake.

Joseph Blake's will, dated December 27, 1699, left his property to his daughter, but reference was made to the expected second child. Since his son was born before the will was proved in court, his share of Carolina was inherited by Joseph Blake, Jr. Since he was a minor, his share of Carolina was managed by his mother, Elizabeth Blake until he reached maturity. For a while, Elizabeth Blake authorized Maurice Ashley to sign documents in London on behalf of her son.

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