Carolina Lords Proprietors

Seth Sothel

Seth Sothel (also spelled Sothell and Southwell) purchased Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon's interest in the Proprietorship of Carolina from his son Henry Hyde in 1679, so he became one of the Lords Proprietors of the colony of Carolina. Since he was the only Lords Proprietor willing to go to the Province, he was appointed the Governorship of both Albemarle County (North Carolina) and later Charles Town (South Carolina) - and turned out to be one of the Colony's biggest tyrants and scaliwags ever seen, at least until modern times.

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As early as 1675, Seth Sothel was recommended by one of the Lords Proprietors as a suitable person to perhaps be appointed as a governor in Carolina, and he was soon thereafter granted large amounts of land in Albemarle County. His term as governor of Albemarle was filled with unrest and disatisfaction, and local leaders accused him of various crimes. In 1689, he was tried by the North Carolina General Assembly and banished from the colony for one year. He then went to Charles Town and attempted another stint as governor there, but he was also thrown out. With his banishment over, he returned to North Carolina and led a very quiet life until his death.

Upon his death in 1694, Anna Willix Sothel, his sole heir sold his share of Carolina to Hugh Watson, trustee and manager for the minors, James Bertie and Henry Bertie.

However, the other living Lords Proprietors took several years to decide that his share of Carolina reverted back to them, and in 1697 they also put Sothel's share in a trust, this one managed by Thomas Amy.

The two factions - the Bertie brothers and Thomas Amy - held onto their position as being the proper owners of this share until it was sold to the Crown in 1728/1729, and all received consideration for the sale.

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