Carolina - The Barbadian Settlers,

List of Passengers - Carolina


Alexander, Richard   
Barefoot, Reghnold   
Barker, Jonathan  In 1672, Ralph Marshall and Stephen Bull claimed a right to his land - Barker was a servant. 
Barley, John (Borley) Left England without his father's knowledge. 1674, his father wanted him to come home. 
Bayley, Joseph (Bailey) Captured by Spanish at St. Katherines. Seems not to have returned to Carolina. Good linguist.
Bedson, Martha  
Bowman, Will Deputy for Lord Craven. Remained in Ireland.
Braine, Henry (Bryant, Brayne) Captain of Carolina. Took ship to Virginia, returned with wife, Dorcas. Left for Barbados.
Bull, Burnaby   
Bull, Stephen  Deputy for Lord Ashley.
Burgen, Henry   
Burne, Andrew (Boorne)
Burroughs, John  
Carmichael, John  
Carteret, Nicholas (Cartwright) Went to Virginia and back, then to Barbados where he witnessed Yeaman's will in 1671.
Chambers, William  
Clerke, Marie  
Cole, Richard Carolina Crew - Carpenter
Coming, John Successful planter at Ashley River. May 13, 1671 made Deputy to Duke of Albemarle. On Executive Council till his death.
Currle, Elizabeth  
Dale, John  
Dalton, Joseph 7 servants - George Prideaux, Thomas Young, William Chambers, John Dawson, William Rhodes, William Burgess, Jane Lawson. Indentured servants - Richard Cole, George Beadon, Hugh Carteret.
Darkenwell, Nathanyell  
Darkenwell, Sampson  
Dawson, John  
Dimmoche, Elizabeth  
Donne, Robert (Donn)
Deyos, Richard (Dyas) Servant - Christopher Edwards. Indentured servants - Thomas Norris, Anthony Churne
Farro, Henry Carolina Crew - Seaman 
Flinte, Steph.  
Frizen, Jo (Fraiser)
Gourden, Thomas  
Gray, George  Carolina Crew - Seaman
Gubbs, Thomas  
Hambleton, Edward  
Harleston, Affra  
Hewitt, Matthew  
Hollis, Ed  
Houghton, Will (Haughton)
Howe, Millicent  
Huddlesworth, John (Huddlestone?)
Humphreys, John  
Humphreys, Thomas  
Ingram, Thomas (Ingrum)
Jenkins, William  
Jones, Henry Carolina Crew - Seaman
Joy, Thomas Carolina Crew - Seaman
Kennis, William Wife - Joanna, son - William
Kinder, Susanna  
Larmouth, John (Larmott)
Lawson, Jane (Joan)
Loyde, Jo  
Lumsden, William  
Marshall, Ralph Indentured servants - Samuel West, Thomas Norris
Matthews, Elizabeth  
Middleton, Thomas  
Montgomery, James   
More, John Carolina Crew - Seaman 
Morris, Samuel  
Motteshed, Thomas  
Orr, William Carolina Crew - Seaman
O'Sullivan, Florence Deputy for Sir Peter Colleton; 12 servants - Elizabeth Dimock, Alexander Rich, Stephen Wheelwright, John Dale, John More, George White, William Bevin, Bryan Fitzpatrick, Daniel Sullivan, John Scott, Aaron Allouran, Reige Shugeron
Owen, William Servants - John Barley, Christopher Swaine, William Scrivener, Robert Hunt, John Williams, Benjamin Gilbert. John Reese, Elizabeth Braine - arriving 1670/71. Thomas Clarke - arriving 1671.
Payne, Agnes  
Phillips, Abra  
Poole, Thomas  
Porter, Hailes Carolina Crew - Carpenter's Mate
Powell, Martha  
Price, Henry  
Price, Stephen  
Prideox, George  
Reed, Jo  
Rideal, Thomas  
Rippett, John Carolina Crew - Seaman
Rivers, John Kinsman of Lord Ashley. Agent for Lord Ashley. Captured by Spanish on St. Katherines in May 1670 and imprisoned at St. Augustine. Returned to England.
Rix, Alice  
Roades, William (Rhodes)
Roberson, James Carolina Crew - Seaman
Roper, Arthur Carolina Crew - Mate
Salter, Peter Carolina Crew - Trumpeter
Searle, Andrew  
Shephard, James Carolina Crew - Seaman
Smallwood, Matthew  
Smith, Abraham (freeman) Bricklayer
Smith, Elizabeth  
Smith, Paule Died before June 25, 1672. Servants - John Boon, William Cockfield, Andrew Burne, Elizabeth Smith. Indentured Servant - William Owen
Smith, Thomas (Smyth) Servants - Henry Lumpton, Thomas Vayle, Henry Jones, John Huddleston, Hugh Wigglesworth, Alice Rix
Southell, Thomas  
Stowne, Alexander John Carolina Crew - Seaman
Summers, Thomas Carolina Crew - Seaman
Swade, Christopher (Swaine) A Servant
Thompson, John  
Tuder, Margaret  
West, Samuel Servants - William West, Andrew Searle; Indentured Servant - Ralph Marshall
West, William  
Wheelwright, Stephen Commissioned as surveyor
Widzer, Dudley (Widgier)
Wigglesworth, Hugh (Wigleston)
Williams, Robert  
Williamson, John Carolina Crew - Seaman; Servants - Edmund Pursell, John Kinsell
Worme, Thomas A Servant
Wright, Richard  
Young, Edward  
Younge, Thomas  


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