Carolina - The Barbadian Settlers,

List of Passengers - Ship name unavailable - had to be on either Port Royal or Three Brothers


Allouran, Aaron   
Beadon, George (Bedon) Indentured Servants - Joseph Dalton, Thomas Thompson; Wife - Elizabeth
Berringer, John  
Bevin, William  
Boon, John  
Boone, John  
Burgess, William  
Carr, John  
Cockfield, WIlliam  
Crossley, Richard (Crossland)
Edwards, Christopher Servant of Richard Deyos; Wife - Ann or Margaret; Daughter - Ann
Fitzpatrick, Bryant Irish renegade, deserted to the Spaniards
Fraser, John  
Gaud, Mary (Gand)
Gilbert, Benjamin  
Hunt, Robert  
Jackson, Original  Wife - Millicent
Kinsell, John  
Mahoone, Dennis (O'Mahone)
Mare/More, John Servant to Florence O'Sullivan
Matthews, Maurice Parliament 1670; Chosen for Executive Council; Deputy of Lord Ashley. Lord Craven's Deputy. Agent for Sir Peter Colleton; Commissioner to the Indians; Made discoveries in the Appalachian mountains. Chosen by Ettiwan Indians as their Cacique.
Moran, Michael Wife and one child
Noone, Francis  
Norris, Thomas  
Pendarvis, Joseph Wife - Elizabeth; Daughters - Priscilla, Mary, Ann; Son - Joseph Jr.
Plummer, Richard Blessing Crew - Seaman
Pursell, Edmund  
Roberts, George  
Sayle, William First Governor of Charles Town
Scott, John  
Scrivener, William Deputy of Lord John Berkeley
Sherdon, Hugh  
Shurgeron, Tiege  
Sullivan, Daniel  
Sullivan, John  
Symonds, Henry  Indentured Servants - Thompson, Joseph Pendarvis; Wife - Frances
Thompson, Thomas Wife - Sarah; Indentured Servants - Beadon, Carteret, Henry Simmonds
Watkins, John Servant
West, Joseph Deputy for Duke of Albemarle; Servants - Abraham Smith, Millicent How, James Bryan, Elizabeth Baker; Wife - Joanna
White, George  
Williams, James Wife - Martha; Both Servants
Williams, John Servant to William Owens
Wood, Henry Wife - Alice
Woodward, Henry Indentured Servant - James Jones
Woodyer, Dudley (Woodier) Servant to Stephen Bull


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