North Carolina in the American Civil War

North Carolina Regiments Assigned to the Confederate States of America's Army

The regiments of volunteers were formed under an Act of the General Assembly, ratified on the 10th of May, 1861, and entitled "An Act to Provide for the Public Defense." The volunteers were to be enlisted for twelve (12) months (except the Bethel Regiment - six months) and tendered to the Confederate States of America, or to any one of the slave-holding States. The rank and file soliders were to elect the company commissioned officers, the elected captains to appoint the non-commissioned officers for their companies, and the elected captains were to elect the field officers for their regiment.

 1st NC Volunteers
(aka Bethel Regiment)

2nd NC Volunteers Regiment

3rd NC Volunteers Regiment

4th NC Volunteers Regiment

5th NC Volunteers Regiment

6th NC Volunteers Regiment

7th NC Volunteers Regiment

8th NC Volunteers Regiment

9th NC Volunteers Regiment

10th NC Volunteers

11th NC Volunteers

12th NC Volunteers


13th NC Volunteers

14th Volunteers

The State Troops were raised, by voluntary enlistment, under another Act of the General Assembly, ratified the 8th of May, 1861, and entitled "An Act to Raise Ten Thousand State Troops," and they were to consist of ten thousand (10,000) men, divided into ten (10) regiments, eight (8) of infantry, one (1) of cavalry, and one (1) of artillery, to serve "during the present war, unless sooner discharged." The Governor had the power conferred on him to appoint all the commissioned officers created by the last mentioned Act. These ten (10) regiments of State Troops were evidently intended for service in North Carolina, for the Act creating them contained no power to have them transferred to the Confederate States. They were, however, subsequently transferred to the Confederate States of America by an Ordinance of the State Convention of the People passed June 27, 1861.

Under these dual systems of enlistments going on simultaneously, different regiments had the same number, as the 1st and 2nd Regiments of Volunteers and 1st and 2nd Regiments of State Troops. To prevent confusion, the numbers from one to ten, inclusive, were assigned to the State Troops, raised under the Act of May 8th, and the fourteen (14) regiments of volunteers, then in the service, were required to add ten (10) to the original numbers of their regiments. The 1st Volunteers, therefore, became the 11th NC Regiment, the 2nd Volunteers became the 12th NC Regiment, and so on, to the 14th Volunteers, which became the 24th NC Regiment. Afterwards the regiments, as they were formed, were numbered in subsequent order. 

North Carolina Adjutant General James G. Martin issued an order on November 14, 1861 for all Volunteer regiments to rename themselves to the new numbering schema. The Confederate Conscription Act of April 16, 1862 allowed all troops whose term of enlistment had not expired, to re-organize with all the privileges, as to election of officers which they had before the Act was passed, provided the re-organization was effected within forty (40) days from the passing of the Act. With that period lapsed the Confederate soldier's right to choose his own officers, all commissioned officers being thereafter appointed by the President of the Confederacy. Most NC volunteer regiments did not embrace the new numbering schema until after their full year enlistment was completed and they had officially re-organized per the Conscription Act. This has caused much confusion to later historians who always wanted things to be simple, so these later historians incorrectly asserted that the numbering schema took effect much earlier than was the reality.

1st NC Regiment

2nd NC Regiment

3rd NC Regiment

4th NC Regiment

5th NC Regiment

6th NC Regiment

7th NC Regiment

8th NC Regiment

9th NC Regiment

10th NC Regiment

11th NC Regiment

12th NC Regiment

13th NC Regiment

14th NC Regiment

15th NC Regiment

16th NC Regiment

17th NC Regiment

18th NC Regiment

19th NC Regiment

20th NC Regiment

21st NC Regiment

22nd NC Regiment

23rd NC Regiment

24th NC Regiment

25th NC Regiment

26th NC Regiment

27th NC Regiment

28th NC Regiment

29th NC Regiment

30th NC Regiment

31st NC Regiment

32nd NC Regiment

33rd NC Regiment

34th NC Regiment

35th NC Regiment

36th NC Regiment

37th NC Regiment

38th NC Regiment

39th NC Regiment

40th NC Regiment

41st NC Regiment

42nd NC Regiment

43rd NC Regiment

44th NC Regiment

45th NC Regiment

46th NC Regiment

47th NC Regiment

48th NC Regiment

49th NC Regiment

50th NC Regiment

51st NC Regiment

52nd NC Regiment

53rd NC Regiment

54th NC Regiment

55th NC Regiment

56th NC Regiment

57th NC Regiment

58th NC Regiment

59th NC Regiment

60th NC Regiment

61st NC Regiment

62nd NC Regiment

63rd NC Regiment

64th NC Regiment

65th NC Regiment

66th NC Regiment

67th NC Regiment


68th NC Regiment

69th NC Regiment


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