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An Act for Erecting the Upper Part of Anson County into a County and Parish by the Name of Rowan County, and St. Luke's Parish; and for Appointing a Place for holding a Court in the Said County.

Laws of North Carolina Passed in 1753, Chapter VII

The State Records of North Carolina Volume XXIII - Page 390.

I. Whereas the County of Anson is now become so very extensive, that many the Inhabitants thereof live very remote from the Place where the Court of the said County is held; whereby a great many Difficulties and Hardships arise to the upper Inhabitants thereof, not only in attending their ordinary business in the said Court, but also by being compelled to serve as Jurymen, and oftentimes as Evidences at the said Court; For Remedy whereof,

II. We pray it may be enacted, And be it enacted by the Honorable Matthew Rowan, Esqr., President, by and with the advice and consent of his Majesty's Council, and the General Assembly of this Province, and by the authority of the same, That Anson County be divided by a Line, to begin where Anson Line was to cross Earl Granville's Line, and from thence, in a direct Line, North, to the Virginia Line, and that the said County be bounded to the North by the Virginia Line, and to the South by the Southermost Line of Earl Granville's Land: And that the upper part of said County, so laid off and divided be erected into a County and Parish, by the Name of Rowan County, and St. Luke's Parish; and that all the Inhabitants of the Westward of the said Line, and included within the before mentioned Boundaries, shall belong and appertain to Rowan County: And that the said County and Parish shall enjoy all and every the Privileges, which any other County in this Province holds or enjoys.

Signed by,

JAMES MURRAY, President of the Council.

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