Wake County, North Carolina Road Maps

The North Carolina State Highway Commission was created by the General Assembly in 1915 thanks to the growing number of automobiles all across the nation and the state. The first known statewide "road map" was issued by this organization in 1916, and it was updated annually until roughly the year 2004. The Highway Commission was renamed to the Department of Transportation 1971. With the advent of the Internet and the various map websites, it appears that the State no longer issues printed road maps on a yearly basis.

By 1930, the State Highway Commission maintained "road maps" for each of the one hundred (100) counties within North Carolina to assist in their planning of future highways and thoroughfares across the state. It is not clear to this Author that these county "road maps" were updated yearly since only a handful have been found online. This Author has found a few more than what's included here, but the objective herein is to provide a sampling of each county's "road map" at the end of each decade. As you will find, not all have been found, but what's provided is as close to a "decade-by-decade" representation as possible.

The map for 1944 is included below because it was handy.











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