The American Revolution in North Carolina

The Known Battles & Skirmishes in North Carolina

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Year Date Battle Name or Location County at the time of Battle/Skirmish Present-Day County Summary of Battle/Skirmish
1775 18-Jul Fort Johnston #1 Brunswick Brunswick Col. Robert Howe and his militia burned the fort in full view of Royal Gov. Josiah Martin aboard the HMS Cruizer.
1775 16-Nov Fort Johnston #2 Brunswick Brunswick British go ashore and retake their abandoned cannons, under severe gunfire from Patriots in the woods.
1776 27-Jan Fort Johnston #3 Brunswick Brunswick HMS Scorpion fires upon the fort, and HMS Cruizer sent upriver; quickly turns back downriver.
1776 10-Feb Cape Fear River Brunswick/New Hanover Brunswick/New Hanover HMS Cruizer captured privateer America, had to burn it since they had no one to man it.
1776 27-Feb Moore's Creek Bridge New Hanover Pender Col. Richard Caswell with 1,100 Patriots routed 1,800 Loyalists under Gen. Donald McDonald.
1776 8-Mar Fort Johnston #4 Brunswick Brunswick HMS Cruizer sent twelve men to try to take the fort, but they were driven back to their ship.
1776 20-Mar Cross Creek Cumberland Cumberland aka Cochrane's Mill.  Loyalist Capt. Thomas Reid captured Col. William Graham and his Tryon County Militia resting after the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge.
1776 6-Apr Brunswick Town #1 Brunswick Brunswick For three weeks, British foraging parties attacked the locals, while picking up refugees from the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge.
1776 14-Apr Ocracoke Inlet #1 Hyde Hyde Patriot Schooner Polly captured by Virginia Royalist sloop Lilly.
1776 1-May Fort Johnston #5 Brunswick Brunswick General Sir Henry Clinton ordered the fort destroyed once again, while his ships remained offshore.
1776 11-May Orton Mill & Kendal Plantation Brunswick Brunswick Night raid on a bridge near Orton, next day attacked Col. Robert Howe's plantation - Kendal, then burned a mill.
1776 17-May Brunswick Town #2 Brunswick Brunswick Brigadier General Charles, Lord Cornwallis with 900 men on a night mission to take Brunswick Town - only to find it abandoned.
1776 23-May Fort Johnston #6 Brunswick Brunswick During a terrible storm, Patriots attacked the British who now possessed the fort once again.
1776 June Round Mountain Tryon Polk aka Howard's Gap.  Patriots surpise Cherokee raiders who were celebrating a recent victory.
1776 July Quaker Meadows Rowan Burke Capt. Matthias Barringer and seven militiamen massacred by Cherokees while on a scouting mission.
1776 3-Jul McDowell's Station Rowan Burke Cherokees laid siege to the small fort, but were driven off when BG Rutherford arrived to save the Patriots.
1776 1-Aug
Cherokee Expedition (NC) Tryon & Rowan Multiple aka Rutherford's Campaign. BG Griffith Rutherford led a large army to meet up with South Carolinians under Col. Andrew Williamson against the Cherokees in the middle towns.
1776 1-Aug
Cherokee Expedition (TN) Washington District Multiple aka Christie's Campaign. Col. William Christian (VA), with Col. Joseph Williams of Surry County (NC), led ~1,800 men against the Cherokee Overhill Towns - in what is now eastern Tennessee.
1776 15-Aug Roanoke Inlet Tyrrell Dare British navy landed a foraging party, but they were quickly driven off by Capt. Dennis Duage and his militia.
1776 6-Sep Ft. George - Bald Head Island Brunswick Brunswick Patriot Col. Thomas Polk decided to attack the new British fort on Bald Head Island, with no success.
1776 19-Sep Coweecho River Tryon Macon aka Black Hole.  One skirmish in the Cherokee Expedition of 1776, in retaliation of the Indians attacking Patriots in NC, SC, GA, and VA.  
1776 27-Oct Neowee Creek Tryon Macon SC Patriots fired upon by Cherokees.
1776 Oct. French Broad River Unknown Unknown Col. William Christian pursued retreating Cherokees, destroying everything on their way to Tennessee.
1776 1-Nov Cape Lookout & Ocracoke Inlet Carteret/Hyde Carteret/Hyde Core Sound Independent Company led by Capt. Enoch Ward seized a foundering British brig, the Aurora, taking its cargo, captain, and crew.
1777 6-Feb NC Coast #1 New Hanover New Hanover Frigate HMS Solebay cruised off Cape Fear and captured four merchant vessels.
1777 22-May Cape Hatteras #1 Hyde Dare Frigate HMS Daphne captured the brig Fanny off Cape Hatteras and took it to St. Augustine.
1777 26-Sep NC Coast #2 Carteret Carteret New Bern privateer Nancy seized a British ship and a ship from Guinea, with 100 slaves and ivory onboard.
1777 Oct. Cape Lookout Bay Carteret Carteret Core Sound Independent Company led by Capt. Enoch Ward seized a privateer schooner, the Liverpool, taking its cargo, captain, and crew.
1778 4-Apr Ocracoke Hyde Hyde St. Augustine privateer captured a French ship loaded with tobacco, and a Bermuda sloop with a load of salt.
1778 12-May Topsail Inlet New Hanover Pender Loyalist privateer Capt. John Goodrich teamed up with two other privateers and sailed into Topsail Inlet and burned a brig that had just been taken by NC Navy.
1778 June Gilbert Town #1 Tryon Rutherford Loyalist Samuel Smith and David Fanning captured near Gilbert Town and sent to Ninety-Six in SC.  Fanning escaped two days after his arrival in July.
1778 July Salisbury Rowan Rowan David Fanning escaped, returned to NC, raised more Loyalists, and was captured again near Salisbury.  Again, he escaped.
1778 14-Jul NC Coast #3 Carteret/Hyde Carteret/Hyde HMS Enterprise captured a French snow and three other prizes, then headed back to New York harbor.
1778 Sep. NC Coast #4 Carteret/Hyde Carteret/Hyde New Bern privateer Bellona captured brig Elizabeth, the schooner Actason and another sloop, and a NY privateer named the Harlecan.
1778 15-Nov Currituck Inlet Currituck Currituck Virginia Loyalist Capt. John Goodrich sailed into the inlet and set fire to two vessels before anyone could stop him.
1779 Mar. Haw Fields Orange Alamance Capt. Henry Connelly disperses a large group of Loyalists.
1779 27-Jun Cape Hatteras #2 Hyde Dare Loyalist privateer chased an Edenton vessel over the Ocracoke bar and followed for several miles.  Then, a brief fight onshore.
1779 29-Jun Outer Banks Hyde Dare The Impertinent recently re-outfitted as a Patriot privateer, was sent out to harrass British shipping, then captured sloop HMS Harlem.
1780 29-May Waxhaws Mecklenburg Union aka Buford's Massacre. Battle in both NC and SC.
1780 7-Jun Cape Hatteras #3 Hyde Dare Privateer Adventure battles two Bermuda privateers, the Hammond and the Randall.
1780 20-Jun Ramseur's Mill Lincoln Lincoln Col. Francis Locke defeated Loyalists under Lt. Col. John Moore
1780 21-Jul Colson's Mill Montgomery Stanly Col. William Lee Davidson with 160 men defeat a larger group of Loyalists under in a brief skirmish.
1780 Sep. Ocracoke Inlet #2 Hyde Hyde New Bern privateer General Nash captured two brigs.
1780 Sep. Graham's Fort Lincoln Cleveland Loyalist raiders attacked small group of Patriot civilians and Col. William Graham with his family with no success.
1780 Sep. McAlpine Creek Mecklenburg Mecklenburg Col. John Peasley skirmished with a British patrol.
1780 9-Sep Anson County Anson Anson SC Col. Abel Kolb led 80-100 militiamen against the Loyalists in two locations.
1780 10-Sep Mask's Ferry Anson Anson Capt. Peter Hedrick and Capt. John Lopp attacked Loyalists, killed some and took eleven prisoners.
1780 12-Sep Cane Creek Burke Burke aka Bickerstaff's Ford, aka Cowan's Ford.  Col. Charles McDowell ambushed Loyalists under Maj. Patrick Ferguson. McDowell forced to retreat.
1780 26-Sep Charlotte Mecklenburg Mecklenburg Col. William Richardson Davie ordered his 400 men to delay Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis as long as possible.
1780 3-Oct Richmond Town #1 Surry Forsyth Colonels Gideon and Hezekiah Wright raised a large Loyalist group in Surry County and attacked Richmond while the Patriots were away fighting elsewhere.
1780 3-Oct Battle of the Bees Mecklenburg Mecklenburg aka McIntyre Cabin.  Large foraging party under Capt. John Doyle attacked by Capt. James Thompson and 14 militiamen.
1780 8-Oct Richmond Town #2 Surry Forsyth Colonels Gideon and Hezekiah Wright again attacked the County Seat while the Patriot militia was absent.
1780 9-Oct Polk's Mill Mecklenburg Mecklenburg Col. Philip Taylor and 120 Mounted Volunteers attacked the new British post, but were driven off.
1780 Oct. Gilbert Town #2 Rutherford Rutherford SC militiamen rode to find Loyalist Capt. James Dunlap recuperating, shot him, but he was not killed as they thought.
1780 14-Oct Shallow Ford Surry Forsyth/Yadkin Virginia Maj. Joseph Cloyd with VA and NC militia force of about 350 men sought out Col. Gideon Wright and his growing Loyalist force, and defeated them.
1780 Oct. Myhand's Bridge #1 Duplin Sampson Loyalist Middleton Mobley attacked Capt. John C. "Shay" Williams and his militia company. Probably happened in 1781.
1780 3-Nov Great Swamp Bladen Robeson Lt. Col. John Senf with 90 men from Camden, SC militia attacked Loyalists, killing two and wounding several.
1780 Nov. Ocracoke Inlet #3 Hyde Hyde New Bern privateer General Nash captured three brigs, the Aggie, the Prince of Wales, and the Kattie near Ocracoke Inlet.
1780 14-Nov Bradley's Plantation Mecklenburg Mecklenburg Loyalists ambushed and killed Francis Bradley at his own home.
1781 18-Jan
The Race to the Dan - - An overview of this important segment of the ongoing battles/skirmishes between the battle of Cowpens (SC) and the battle at Guilford Court House.
1781 28-Jan Wilmington #1 New Hanover New Hanover British Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis sent Major James H. Craig from Charlestown to go seize the port city of Wilmington.
1781 30-Jan Heron's Bridge New Hanover New Hanover/Pender aka Big Bridge. Major James H. Craig made a surprise attack upon Patriots led by Col. Henry Young with 250 men.
1781 Feb. Chestnut Mountain Surry Stokes aka Tory's Den.  Lt. Col. Joseph Winston hunted down Loyalists who had robbed a Patriot's home.
1781 Feb. Bacon's Inlet Brunswick Brunswick Maj. John Cain and Maj. Samuel Leonard with a small group of men surprised a British foraging party trying to make off with some local cattle.
1781 1-Feb Cowan's Ford Mecklenburg/Lincoln Mecklenburg/Lincoln Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis decided to pursue Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan and Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene into NC, ran into Brig. Gen. (Pro Tempore) William Lee Davidson who was ordered to delay Lord Cornwallis as long as possible.
1781 1-Feb Tarrant's Tavern Rowan Iredell aka Torrence's Tavern.  Civilians and militiamen alike gathered here after the skirmish of Cowan's Ford, attacked by Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton.
1781 3/4-Feb Trading Ford Rowan Rowan/Davidson Lord Cornwallis tried to head off Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan, who had already crossed at this location.
1781 4-Feb Grant's Creek Rowan Rowan Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton sent upriver to find an alternate crossing point to catch Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan, held up for three hours by local militia.
1781 7-Feb Shallow Fords of the Yadkin Surry Forsyth/Yadkin Capt. Joseph Graham with 20 men followed and harrassed the British for five miles.
1781 8-Feb Reedy Creek Surry Forsyth Special Ops group formed by Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene to intercept Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis and keep the British at bay - first encounter at this location.
1781 11-Feb Summerfield Guilford Guilford aka Bruce's Crossroads, aka Dix's Ferry.  Lt. Col. Henry Lee (VA) encounters Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton in a bitter fight.
1781 13-Feb Speedwell's Furnace Guilford Rockingham aka Troublesome Iron Works.  Col. Otho Williams (MD) and his Special Ops group detained Lord Cornwallis once again.
1781 17-Feb Hart's Mill Orange Orange Capt. Joseph Graham attacked British detachment guarding the mill and defeated them.
1781 25-Feb Haw River Orange Alamance aka Pyle's Defeat, Holt's Race Paths.  Lt. Col. Henry Lee (VA) with over 800 NC and SC militia soundly whipped Col. John Pyle and his 400 NC Loyalists.
1781 26-Feb Dickey's Farm Orange Alamance Maj. Micajah Lewis runs into Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton and is mortally wounded, died next day.
1781 1-Mar Cole's Bridge Cumberland/Richmond Moore/Richmond Lt. John Philyard and 25 men were guarding a depot when they were attacked by large Loyalist force led by Col. Hector McNeill.
1781 4-Mar Clapp's Mill #1 Orange Alamance aka Alamance River.  Lt. Col. Henry Lee (VA) again meets Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton.
1781 5-Mar Clapp's Mill #2 Orange Alamance Capt. Joseph Graham went back the next night and captured an officer.
1781 5-Mar Alamance River #1 Orange Alamance Lt. Col. William Washington (VA) sent out a patrol and they killed 23 Loyalists driving cattle to Lord Cornwallis's camp.
1781 6-Mar Whitesell's Mill Guilford Guilford aka Wetzel's Mill, Weitzel's Mill, Wetzall's Mill.  Col. Otho Williams (MD) with about 700 men vs. Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton with slightly larger force. Patriots forced to flee.
1781 7-Mar Near Whitesell's Mill Guilford Guilford Two Patriot sergeants combined their forces and attacked 16-18 British recruits at a farmhouse.
1781 7-Mar Alamance River #2 Orange Alamance Delaware Capt. Robert Kirkwood with 40 riflemen ordered to attack Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton's camp in middle of the night, forcing Tarleton to quickly move.
1781 7-Mar Reedy Fork Orange Alamance Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis attacked Col. Otho Williams (MD) on the other side of the river.
1781 13-Mar Bull Run Creek Guilford Guilford aka Edward's Crossroads.  Lt. Col. Henry Lee (VA) focused on the rear of Lord Cornwallis's column crossing the creek.
1781 15-Mar New Garden Meeting House Guilford Guilford Lt. Col. Henry Lee (VA) vs. Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton again, in a protracted fight early in the morning of the battle of Guilford Court House.
1781 15-Mar Guilford Court House Guilford Guilford Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene with about 4,400 men vs. Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis with about 1,900 men. British claimed victory but paid dearly for it.
1781 15-Mar Alamance Orange Alamance Capt. Jacob Duckworth surprised Loyalist Capt. David Fanning.
1781 19-Mar Ramsey's Mill Chatham Chatham Maj. Pleasant Henderson and five companies of the NC Light Dragoons attacked Lt. General Charles, Lord Cornwallis's troops crossing the Deep River.
1781 25-Mar Stewart's Creek #1 Cumberland Cumberland aka Stuart's Ford. Capt. John Taylor and his mounted Granville County Militia encountered British Regulars, killing one and capturing three.
1781 27-Mar Barbeque Church Cumberland Harnett Capt. Daniel Buie and his Cumberland County Militia ran into Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton, who captured the Patriots. Many escaped, not Daniel Buie.
1781 31-Mar Cole's Bridge #2 Cumberland/Richmond Moore/Richmond Col. Thomas Wade and 95 men were routed by large group of Loyalists and British.
1781 Mar. Rouse's Tavern New Hanover New Hanover aka Rouse's House Massacre. British Maj. James H. Craig sent 60-70 men with orders to give no quarter - they slaughtered all the men inside.
1781 15-Apr Big Glades Burke Watauga aka Wolf's Den, aka Riddle's Knob. Loyalist Capt. William Riddle captured Col. Benjamin Cleveland and Richard Calloway - both recaptured by Cleveland's brother, Robert, with Cleveland's men.
1781 6-May Peacock's Bridge Wayne Wilson Col. James Gorham with 400 Pitt County men attempted to stop Lord Cornwallis's march north, but Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton scattered the Patriots around the bridge.
1781 7-May Swift Creek & Fishing Creek Nash Nash Two more attempts to slow down Lord Cornwallis failed. Capt. Harry Hill of the Franklin County Regiment at least made two attempts.
1781 7-May Halifax Halifax Halifax Halifax Militia also try to stop Lord Cornwallis on his way to Virginia. He's irritated and almost destroys the town.
1781 9-May Deep River #1 Randolph Randolph Patriot Capt. John Hinds surprised Capt. David Fanning at a friend's home, killed two of his men.
1781 11-May Cohera Swamp Duplin Sampson Col. James Kenan with 12-15 men attacked a gathering of Loyalists here. Kenan's brother was killed.
1781 11-May Buffalo Ford Randolph Randolph Loyalist Capt. David Fanning attacked Col. John Collier and the Randolph County Militia, killing two, wounding three, and capturing two Patriots.
1781 13-May Legat's Bridge Bladen Hoke aka Rockfish, Legget's Bridge. Loyalist David Fanning rode all night to make a pre-emptive strike against Capt. John Fletcher. He also ran into Col. Guilford Dudley and captured three men and a baggage wagon.
1781 13-May Myhand's Bridge #2 Duplin Sampson Col. James Kenan lured out Middleton Mobley and his Loyalists, who fled down the Coharie River.
1781 16-May Portevent's Mill Duplin Sampson aka Mynheer's Ambush, aka Six Runs. Col. James Kenan pursued the fleeing Loyalists, killed many, and dispersed the rest.
1781 June Edenton #1 Chowan Chowan Traitor and now Loyalist Capt. Michael Quinn commanded the row galley General Arnold, which ran aground.  He was captured and killed.
1781 8-Jun Cox's Mill #1 Randolph Randolph Capt. David Fanning again tried to surprise Col. John Collier at night, but the Loyalists were routed.
1781 4-Jul Wilmington #2 New Hanover New Hanover Lt. Col. Thomas Bloodworth sniped at the British from a hollow cypress tree for almost a week.
1781 8-Jul New Bern #1 Craven Craven The Craven County Regiment of Militia engaged a British raiding party that came from Wilmington.
1781 17-Jul Chatham Court House Chatham Chatham Recently named as a Colonel, David Fanning and his Loyalists came into town and stopped a hanging, then captured many Patriots.
1781 17-Jul Wyanoke Ferry Hertford/Gates Hertford/Gates Loyalists burned the small settlement.
1781 26-Jul Stewart's Creek #2 Cumberland Cumberland Loyalist Col. Hector McNeil interrupted a Loyalist execution being performed by Patriot Col. Thomas Robeson, Jr. with four companies of Militia.
1781 July Ray's Mill Creek Cumberland Moore Col. Philip Alston severely wounded Kenneth Black, a known friend of Col. David Fanning.
1781 29-Jul House in the Horseshoe Cumberland Moore aka Alston House. Col. David Fanning learned of Kenneth Black's death and attacked Col. Philip Alston at his home on Deep River.
1781 30-Jul Cox's Mill #2 Randolph Randolph While Col. Fanning was at Alston's House, his base camp was attacked by Patriots, who promptly fled when he returned.
1781 2-Aug Rockfish Creek Duplin/New Hanover Duplin/Pender aka Rock Creek. Wilmington commandant Major James H. Craig decided to go into the countryside, attacked by Patriot militiamen until they ran out of ammunition.
1781 3-Aug Piney Bottom Creek Cumberland Hoke Col. Thomas Wade returning from SC attacked by Loyalists. Patriots scattered, lost six men and a boy.
1781 4-Aug Beatti's Bridge Bladen/Richmond Scotland/Hoke Col. Thomas Wade wanted revenge for the boy killed the day before, so he regrouped and went after the Loyalists.
1781 9-Aug Richmond & Cumberland Counties Richmond/Cumberland Richmond/Cumberland Col. Thomas Wade continued looking for the Loyalists involved at Piney Bottom Creek. Patriot vigilantes killed some who were not involved.
1781 14-Aug Cumberland County Court House Cumberland Cumberland Loyalists Col. John Slingsby, Col. Duncan Ray, Col. Archibald McDugald, and Col. Hector McNeil decided to take the court house with several county leaders.
1781 16-Aug Kingston #1 Dobbs Lenoir Major James H. Craig continued raiding from Wilmington, encountered local Patriots.
1781 17-Aug Robesons' Plantations Bladen Bladen Col. David Fanning burned the home of Capt. Peter Robeson, and the plantation of Col. Thomas Robeson, Jr., and took several prisoners.
1781 17-Aug Jumping Run Jones Jones Major James H. Craig heading to New Bern surprised Lt. Col. Samuel Hill and a small group of Jones County Miltiamen at their fortified camp.
1781 17-Aug Webber's Bridge Jones/Craven Jones/Craven aka Sanders Bridge, Saunders Bridge, Trent Bridge. Brig. Gen. John Alexander Lillington's Patriots attempted to stop Major James H. Craig from getting to New Bern.
1781 19-Aug New Bern #2 Craven Craven Major James H. Craig entered the town and the Patriots sniped at them, killing Capt. John Gordon.
1781 21-Aug Kingston #2 Dobbs Lenoir After two days in New Bern, Major James H. Craig marched to Kingston, met briefly with Patriot Col. James Gorham.
1781 27-Aug Tory Hole Bladen Bladen Bladen County refugees led by Col. Thomas Robeson, Jr. attacked Loyalists under Col. John Slingsby, taking them completely by surprise.
1781 28-Aug Fanning's Mill Montgomery Montgomery Loyalist Col. Hector McNeil with 70 men captured a few Patriots at this location.
1781 Sep. Hood's Creek Brunswick Brunswick Major James H. Craig sent out a small force to disperse Patriots stifling Wilmington.
1781 1-Sep Little Raft Swamp Bladen Hoke aka McPhaul's Mill, aka Burnt Swamp. Col. Thomas Wade and his Anson County Militia of about 420 men vs. Col. David Fanning with about 225 Loyalists.
1781 Sep. Beck's Ford Unknown Unknown Patriot Capt. Robert Roper skirmished across the Deep River with Col. David Fanning.
1781 12-Sep Hillsborough Orange Orange Col. David Fanning assembled a large group of Loyalists, marched into the town, and captured Governor Thomas Burke, the city council, and a number of Continentals. Took them to Wilmington.
1781 12-Sep Kirk's Farm Orange Orange aka Kirk's Lane. Loyalist Capt. Richard Edwards was sent by Col. David Fanning as a diversion to attack the Patriots here, turned into an intense fight.
1781 13-Sep Lindley's Mill Orange Alamance aka Cane Creek.  Brig. Gen. John Butler with about 500 men vs. Col. David Fanning with about 600 men.  Col. Fanning wounded badly.
1781 23-Sep Livingston's Creek Bladen Bladen Loyalist Col. Archibald McDugald took over Fanning's troops and prisoners and marched towards Wilmington, met Major James H. Craig at Livingston's Creek. Both skirmished with Patriots here.
1781 Sep. Brown Marsh Bladen Bladen aka Baldwin's Old Field. Brig. Gen. John Butler missed saving Governor Thomas Burke, waited for Loyalists to return. Patriots once again spanked.
1781 Oct. Cumberland County Cumberland Cumberland Lt. Col. Robert Mebane on his way back home was surprised and killed by Henry Hightower.
1781 Oct. Brush Creek Randolph Randolph aka Uwharrie Mountains, Carraway Mountain. Patriots went after Col. David Fanning, who wasn't completely healed. Fanning had to retreat.
1781 15-Oct Raft Swamp Bladen Robeson Maj. Joseph Graham led a small Patriot force against Col. Duncan Ray with almost 600 Loyalists, who were soundly whipped.
1781 Oct. Bear Creek Chatham Chatham James Harding tricked Col. David Fanning and his Loyalists into an ambush, but Fanning escaped.
1781 Nov. Mill's Station Unknown Unknown Small fort attacked and civilians massacred by Indians and Loyalists.
1781 2-Nov Leonard's Creek Rowan Davidson Patriot neighbors Valentin Leonhardt and Wooldrich Fritz murdered in their homes by Loyalists.
1781 14-Nov Moore's Plantation Brunswick Brunswick Patriot Maj. Joseph Graham surprised a party of about 100 Loyalists, killing twelve and wounding thirty.
1781 15-Nov The Brick House Brunswick Brunswick Brig. Gen. Griffith Rutherford allowed his anxious men to attack a British post opposite to Wilmington.
1781 16-Nov Seven Creeks Brunswick Brunswick/Columbus SC Loyalist Col. Micajah Gainey surprised Patriot Maj. Joseph Graham. Each side lost one man killed.
1781 18-Nov Evacuation of Wilmington New Hanover New Hanover Major James H. Craig finally left, Brig. Gen. Griffith Rutherford had to stop repraisals against Loyalists.
1781 Nov. Chatham County #1 Chatham Chatham Loyalist Col. David Fanning captured Capt. Thomas Kennedy of Burke County, then attacked Capt. John Lopp.
1781 10-Dec Cox's Mill #3 Randolph Randolph Col. Elijah Isaacs seized Fanning's base camp while he was absent, and went after local Loyalists.
1781 Dec. Big Juniper Creek Cumberland Moore aka McLendon's Creek.  Loyalist Col. David Fanning sought after Capt. John Cox, found him at his brother Robert's house with two friends, Robert Lowe, and William Jackson.  Latter two killed by Loyalists.
1782 7-Jan Gholson's Farm Chatham Chatham Loyalist Col. David Fanning burned the Patriot captain's farmhouse and two more homes nearby.
1782 11-Feb Deep River #2 Randolph Randolph Loyalist Col. David Fanning and Capt. Charles Gholson finally skirmish, with no losses on either side.  Truce made.
1782 Feb. Near NC Coast Unknown Unknown British frigate Savage captured an NC sloop. Loyalist ship, the Orphan's Frigate, ran two ships onto the shore, then took an NC sloop.
1782 25-Feb Edenton #2 Chowan Chowan Virginia privateer Grand Turk seized a Loyalist schooner that arrived under a flag of truce.
1782 Mar. Forks of the Yadkin Rowan Davie Loyalist Col. John Elrod attacked paroled Patriot.  Maj. Thomas Dougan found Elrod and hanged him.
1782 11-Mar Balfour's Plantation Randolph Randolph Loyalist Col. David Fanning on a broad killing raid throughout Randolph County.
1782 13-Mar Randolph County Court House Randolph Randolph Loyalist Col. David Fanning went looking for county leaders, but they were warned he was coming. He then went on another destruction/killing spree.
1782 4-Apr Beaufort Carteret Carteret Col. Enoch Ward and his Carteret County Militia encountered Loyalists aboard ships looking for foraging supplies. Long story - lasted almost two weeks.
1782 23-Apr Chatham County #2 Chatham Chatham Loyalist Col. David Fanning and two officers all decided to marry their ladies on the same day.  Attacked by Patriots, but these were repelled.
1782 May Deep River #3 Randolph Randolph Loyalist Col. David Fanning in another personal feud, this time with Andrew Hunter of Randolph County, who stole Fanning's prized horse.
1782 June to
Cherokee Expedition 1782 Burke, Rutherford,

McDowell, Buncombe,
Haywood, Jackson,
Macon, Clay,
Cherokee + TN
Brig. Gen. Charles McDowell led a large Patriot army against the Cherokees on both sides of the Blue Ridge mountains.
1782 Sep. Bladen County Court House Bladen Bladen Capt. Robert Raiford of the NC Continental Line led 30 men into the court house to attack Archibald MacLaine, a lawyer who was defending a Loyalist.
1782 22-Sep Faith Rock Randolph Randolph Loyalist Col. David Fanning once again after Andrew Hunter, who again escaped and rode Fanning's horse down a steeply inclined rock - Faith Rock.

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