The American Revolution in North Carolina

Colonel Hector McNeill

Colonel Hector McNeill, a more active and aggressive fighter for the Loyalist cause, moved into western Bladen County near McFall's Mill (now in Hoke County) to control what little Patriot activity was still happening there.

Loyalist leader "One-Eyed Hector" McNeill responded against renegades, although like Williams and Robeson's companies, his men weren't above teaching a lesson to families considered unfaithful to their particular cause.

Col. Hector McNeill and Col. Archibald McDonald were sent to this section of North Carolina to influence their countrymen and other Loyalist sympathizers to participate in this second Loyalist uprising in support of British authority. These former officers were quite enthusiastic and gave the most glowing accounts of the British Army and its officers. They said the British Army had money at command in any amount, that they would be certain to conquer the country, and that the Scottish people would be handsomely rewarded if found on the King's side.

Thus excited, the Scottish Loyalists and other Tories began again, gradually to rise and embody. The ensuing civil strife in this section reached its greatest intensity during a six month period in the year 1781. The conflicts pitted neighbor against neighbor; Whig or Patriot against Loyalist or Tory. The country soon presented a terrible scene of bloodshed, devastation, and wretchedness. The skirmishes and battles which occurred during this period have been referred to collectively by local historians as the Tory War.

Colonel Hector McNeill led the Loyalist militia at the battles of McPhaul's Mill and Raft Swamp in 1781.

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