The American Revolution in North Carolina

Loyalist Militia in North Caroliona - The Volunteers of Ireland


1780 - Siege of Charleston, SC

1780 - Battle of Camden, SC

1780 - Charlotte, NC

1781 - Pee Dee, SC

1781 - Snow Island, SC

1781 - Lynch's Creek, SC

1781 - Camden, SC

1781 - Relief of Ninety-Six, SC

1782 - Videau's Bridge, SC

1779 The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York city was held by a Loyalists Irish Regiment known as the Volunteers of Ireland.

1780 A Loyalist group in Pennsylvania organize the Volunteers of Ireland. The unit is commanded by Francis Rawdon of County Down. This group won the Battle of Camden.

This Provincial Regiment was raised by Lord Francis Rawdon in 1778 in New York. Posted in New York in 1779, they sailed south with General Henry Clinton in March 1780 for the April and May 1780 siege of Charlestown, SC. They fought at the Battle of Camden and remained on garrison duty at Camden after Lord Cornwallis marched the main British Army into North Carolina.

The Volunteers of Ireland fought under Lord Rawdon at Hobkirk's Hill and under Lt. Col. Stewart at Eutaw Springs in September of 1781. They were posted in Charlestown until they sailed for Ireland in August of 1782.

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