The American Revolution in North Carolina

Anson County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

September 9, 1775

Col. Samuel Spencer
? Hicks
Charles Medlock
Thomas Wade

Col. Samuel Spencer
Lt. Col. Charles Medlock
1st Maj. James Auld
2nd Maj. David Love

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. David Love
Lt. Col. Charles Medlock
Lt. Col. William Perry
Lt. Col. Noah Rushing

1st. Maj. James Auld
2nd Maj. David Love
Maj. George Davidson
Maj. Thomas Harris
Maj. John Jackson
Maj. Murphy Lewis
Maj. William Pickett
Maj. John P. Rushing

Thomas Crawford

Miscellaneous Players:


James Roper - Commissary


Known Captains:

Daniel Bankston

Patrick Boggan

John Brackin

William Brackin

Thomas Childs

Salathiel Clifton

Thomas Crawford

William Crittendon

? Culp

John Culpepper

John DeJarnett

James Farr

James Fletcher

Sylvester Gibson

Duke Glenn

? Hancock

Henry William Harrington

Thomas Harris

West Harris

Joseph Howell

William Hoye

William Hunter, Sr.

William Hunter, Jr.

John Jackson

Jonathan Jackson

Stephen Jackson

David Jamieson

Thomas Lacy

Drury Ledbetter

William Lofton

David Love

John George Lowman

? Lucas

Dudley Mask

Jesse McClendon

John McGuire

John McInvale

? O'Neal

William Pickett

John Randle

Cornelius Robinson

James Roper

James Ruffin

? Smith

Daniel Sneed

John Speed

Thomas Threadgill

? Tims

Stephen Tomkins 

? Troy

Thomas Wade

Edward Walker

John Ware

Theodorick Webb

? White


George Wilson

Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:


David Smith


Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Isaac Dunn

Stephen Jackson

William Kerby


Joshua Moses


Brief History of the Regiment:

On September 9, 1775, the Provincial Congress authorized thirty-five (35) existing county Militias to be organized. All officers were appointed and commissioned by the Provincial Congress.

Col. Samuel Spencer resigned in February of 1776. Col. Thomas Wade, who had previously commanded the Salisbury District Minutemen, was appointed to lead the Anson County Regiment on March 2, 1776, replacing Samuel Spencer. Col. Charles Medlock remained in the Anson County Regiment until the Richmond County Regiment was established in 1779, whereby he took command.

After the British invaded North Carolina in September of 1780, then again in February of 1781, the Loyalists in Anson County became so active that Col. Thomas Wade felt his life was no longer safe, so he went to Virginia to avoid capture. He returned after Lord Corwallis left North Carolina in May of 1781, and was quite diligent in returning Anson County to Patriot rule, not an easy task with Loyalist Col. David Fanning nearby and very active well into 1782.

The Anson County Regiment was active until the end of the war. Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Moore's Creek Bridge


Cherokee Expedition 1776


Briar Creek (GA)


Moncks Corner #1 (SC)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Colson's Mill


Camden (SC)


Anson County




Guilford Court House


Cole's Bridge #2


Piney Bottom Creek


Beatti's Bridge


Richmond & Cumberland Counties


Fanning's Mill


Little Raft Swamp


Eutaw Springs (SC)


Lindley's Mill


Raft Swamp


Brick House

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