The American Revolution in North Carolina

The French Refugees Regiment

Date Established:


Lt. Colonel:

April 24, 1778

Col. Chariol De Placer

Lt. Col. LeBaron DeBonstetien

Date Disbanded:



August 1778 

Maj. Sureau DeVivier

None Known

Known Quarter Masters:


None Known


Known Captains:

Laval DeBelvieu 

Martin DeBreteuil

James Cole Mountflorence

? O'Neill


H. Zillikoffer

Known Subaltern Officers - Captain Unknown:

? DeCarouet

? DeLabadie

? DeSamboeuf

Brief History of Battalion:

On April 24th, the General Assembly approved the creation of a special regiment of State Troops to be commanded by a Frenchman named Monsieur Chariol De Placer. As a result of the recent treaty with France, many patriotic Frenchmen in all states wished to demonstrate their usefulness to their new country. Monsieur De Placer is found in many records simply as Mons. Chariol, while later he is simply called Col. Chariol, commander of the French Refugees Regiment. His objective was to assemble men from all over the Caribbean and the two Carolinas.

Col. De Placer soon found out just how difficult it was to create an entire regiment in a foreign land. Some of his men had unpleasant encounters with locals, thereby discouraging many other transplanted Frenchmen from joining.

None of the names of any soldiers or non-commissioned officers are currently known to this Author.

Due to insufficient numbers, the regiment was disbanded by the NC Legislature on August 19th, having never seen any action.

Governor Richard Caswell wrote many letters of introduction to help Monsieur De Placer find a military assignment elsewhere, but the results are not currently known.


Known Battles / Skirmishes:



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