The American Revolution in North Carolina

Johnston County Regiment of Militia

Date Established:


Original Officers:

September 9, 1775

Col. Needham Bryan
Col. William Bryan
Col. Joseph Boon, Jr.
Col. John Smith
Col. Samuel Smith, Jr.
Col. Benjamin Williams

Col. Needham Bryan
Lt. Col. William Bryan
1st Maj. John Smith
2nd Maj. Samuel Smith, Jr.

Known Lt. Colonels:

Known Majors: 

Known Adjutants:

Lt. Col. William Bryan
Lt. Col. Arthur Bryan
Lt. Col. John Smith
Lt. Col. Samuel Smith, Jr.
Lt. Col. Benjamin Williams

1st Maj. John Smith
2nd Maj. Samuel Smith, Jr.
Maj. Arthur Bryan
Maj. William Dennis
Maj. Robert Rayford
Maj. John Stevens

Hardy Bryan

Miscellaneous Players:

Hardy Bryan - Commissary


John Smith - Commissary

Known Captains:

Hardy Bryan

John Bryan

Needham Bryant

William Bryant

Thomas Culler

John Cullers

William Dennis

Henry Finch

John Giles

Edmund Griffin

Lewis Gurley

John McCullers

John McCullers

Matthew McCullers

John Rayford

James Roach

Jonathan Smith

John Stephens

Philip Thomas

William Ward

Edward Whitley


John Whitley


Known Lieutenants - Captain Unknown:

Hardy Bryan


Philip Rayford

Known Sergeants - Captain Unknown:

Alexander Hobley 


John Whitley

Known Corporals - Captain Unknown:


Zadock Stallings


Known Privates / Fifers / Drummers, etc. - Captain Unknown:

Noah Barefoot, Jr. 

John Bryan

William Bryant, Jr.

Joel Dees

Edward Harris

Isaac Hill

John Hoyles

Abel Johnson

John Keen

James Langford

Joshua Lynch

Patrick O'Neal

Arthur Pope

Jonathan Smith

Titus Jennings Turner

Brief History of the Regiment:

On September 9, 1775, the Provincial Congress authorized thirty-five (35) existing county Militias to be organized. All officers were appointed and commissioned by the Provincial Congress.

The Johnston County Regiment was active until the end of the war. Units of this regiment were known to have participated in the following known battles/skirmishes:


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Moore's Creek Bridge


Briar Creek (GA)


Stono Ferry (SC)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)


Fishing Creek (SC)


Cowan's Ford


New Garden Meeting House


Guilford Court House


Hobkirk's Hill (SC)


Rockfish Creek


Webber's Bridge


Lindley's Mill


Brown Marsh

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